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If you've noticed, for the past few posts I've been trying out different kinds of styles that are simply "not me". I've tried out a sporty look, a slightly feminine look and now here's my slightly hipster/grunge look.

Plaid polos are not my style. I remember walking in school that day feeling uncomfortable and feeling much like a poser. Then, I put my hat on and felt a tad more myself even if you know, people were staring. I thought the hat put everything together nicely, don't you? 

The outfit was inspired by my sister Feebee. It looked like something she would wear. Well, duh. The oxfords and plaid polo are hers. I really don't know what overcame me that I stole  wore her clothes. I didnt really have an inspiration in mind; call this another lazy (albeit stylish) outfit or something. I thought, however, that this could pass for another model off-duty look. Lorraine though, commented that the outfit reminded her of Miley Cyrus. With that thought in mind, I just had to use the title of her song as my blog post title. I just can't stop singing along to her song!

Anyway, I googled Miley Cyrus plaid polo and then to my surprise, a photo of Cheyser wearing almost the same outfit was at the top of the results! It's so funny, we almost have the same outfit, except I can't wear shorts in school though so I had to settle for jeans . See!!:))

Though compared to Cheyser's outfit, I thought the oxfords made it more "me" as well since I think I'm preppier than she is, and I tend to lean to more conventional clothing choices. Haha. What do you think? :)

These were the outfits Miley usually wore during her pre-twerk/VMA meltdown era. While I do respect her for her drastic change and new, radically different sartorial direction (she reminds me so much of a platinum blonde Rihanna now, all edged up and shiz), I can't help but miss the old Hannah Montana Miley. I used to love that show! :) Anyway, one thing's for sure. I'm NOT going to attempt mimicking her VMA outfit. Haha. I think that says a lot of how a goody-goody I am! :P

polo and oxfords: Feebee's || top and bag: H&M || hat: Parfois || photos: Lorraine

Hope you liked this outfit! :)


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