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As of the moment, I really love out-of-the-way eating places, compared to those found in the mall. They tend to be more special and charming. The area around Tionko and Mabini has been a favorite of mine lately as there are tons of food places opening--it's like the (UP) Maginhawa Street of Davao. One of those places is Crazy Wraps. From SM Lanang, they've now moved to their own store at Tionko St, a few feet away from Saging Repablik.

When I found out they've moved, I've always meant to visit since I love their beef wrap. I got to do so the other week when we didn't have class. I planned on renewing my passport in the afternoon (since I read that there aren't much people at DFA in the afternoon--totally false by the way, based on my experience) but my dad called me up to invite me to have lunch with him first and I agreed. Who am I to refuse a free meal? :)) He was around the area so I suggested Crazy Wraps, and I actually got shocked that he agreed. My dad's really picky about places to eat; he's not very adventurous and he always has to have a rice meal. (Good thing Crazy Wraps had a rice meal!)

spot my dad

First off, I like the place. It's quiet and alone-friendly (I have this mental list of safe places to eat in Davao when you're alone and don't want to be spotted eating alone). I also like the mishmash of mismatched furniture. The place is also really bright. They have pastas, pica-pica and rice meals aside from just wraps. They also have WiFi, coffee, milktea (I think!) and dessert, which makes this another perfect place to study. Oh and they have books too! Different kinds, if you feel like just chilling, reading and being alone.

Sad thing when I visited though--they had all the other fillings available BUT NOT BEEF. :( I ordered Shrimp and Garlic pasta instead. Got a bit disappointed though because for something worth around 200, all I got was 3 measly shrimps. The pasta was sort of bland as well--they didn't even make up for the lack of shrimp with garlic. It was disappointing because I tried the same pasta at the SM Lanang branch before and it was so good that my brother and I fought over who would finish it, so I expected the same.

Good thing I had a side order of quesadilla though. My dad liked it too, so he ordered one for himself also! Haha 

Overall, I'd have to say they're pretty pricey (coffee shop prices for food; desserts are more affordable though!) so stay long and (ab)use the WiFi. It's a perfect study place though.

Crazy Wraps is located at Tionko St, Davao City

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