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I feel that my blog's slowly turning from a fashion blog to a more general lifestyle blog cause I've been blogging about fitness and A LOT more about food places recently. Blame it (or not) on Davao's burgeoning food scene. I'm really glad that there's so much more variety to Davao eats now and that there are food places away from the mall! Like I said, I prefer these out-of-the-way places because sometimes malls can get too crowded and I like the coziness of these small, out-of-the-way places.

I've been to Echostore twice. The first time was on my birthday, when we dropped by to check out the place. We were pretty full from lunch so we just checked the place out. My brother ordered an iced chocolate though and although it was priced at P75, when we got to the counter, we were charged P115. :( I wish they at least updated their menu. While that incident was enough to deter me from coming back, I did want to try out the food so I came back that Monday with Ayessa.

It was really funny cause Ayessa was the one who actually suggested we eat someplace healthy! Haha! Funny because she's (jokingly) not very supportive of my healthy-healthyhan endeavors. Like when I go to the gym and she wants to go out, she's goes "Gym ka na naman? Panira ng friendship ang gym!" So when she suggested it, I agreed but then laughed at her. Uyyy I think I rubbed off on someone. :P


The products they offer include spreads, healthy chips (soya, camote), nuts, chocolate and organic beauty products.All these are organic, eco-friendly and promote fair-trade.

We ordered the Trio Pasta (P215), which I found out is a mixture of their Arabiatta, Malunggay Pesto and Tuna sauce. You can also buy these at the store. It was yummy! The menu read a mixture of sweet, sour and savory. I didn't know what to think when I imagined all those flavors mixed together but they went really well together.

My Calypso smoothie (P135). Yum yum. I'm like a kid. Ayessa ordered Mango Juice.

We also ordered Fresh Greens with Guava Balsamic (P150). I'm honestly not a huge fan of salad, even though I try to eat healthy but this one was good. I liked the lettuce. It wasn't the watery one (Iceberg I think?) my dad likes. The dressing was a bit sweet also, not like the sour balsamic vinegar I expected. They also sell the lettuce they use, as well as other herbs, cheese and some meat. 

They also have some merchandise like these cute cloth bags. Oh and they have bayongs as shopping baskets! Cool concept, eh?

I'm definitely coming back to try their pizzas, tortilla and burgers (mushroom and tofu).

Visit Echostore at Diversion Road, Buhangin.
It's near the entrance of Robinson's Highlands, near Mercury Drug.


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