Autumn Cake


sweater: Oxygen
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Parisian

I didn't know what to wear for the first washday of the year because I spent most of my money on either my shenanigans with friends, or paying for important stuff. I was not able to invest in a 2013 wardrobe so I just did what I usually do and made do. Though it is challenging to create multiple wearable, figure-flattering looks on a limited number of pieces, I feel great every time I am able to make something work--like my last outfit. Also, here lies the beauty of buying items in neutral colors. :))

Anyway, it was pretty chilly today so I went for gloomy/autumn colors. The thing about buying trendy  colored jeans like the ones I'm wearing is that I can only wear them for a limited time (how awkward would it be to wear them come summer time?) so I am maximizing them by using them often (but not as often cause they are really noticeable). I decided to try something new though and instead of putting 2 colors together, I put 3 together. I felt like cake with different colored layers, hence the title. What do you think?

a blurry shot but I like it
So, anything out of the ordinary happen to you today?

A notable thing that happened to me today was that I walked from school to my brother's school in Marfori Heights. That's about 2km I guess? HAHA

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