Bad Hair Day


I've been stuck in a blogging rut recently. I came to a point wherein I couldn't think of anything to churn out on this blog and I was thinking and re-thinking of what to write about. I looked to my past entries and it seemed as if writing and sharing even the most mundane things came so easy to me back then. I don't know when I started to post my more "profound" thoughts but since I started doing so, it was hard to stop since it seemed as if people expected those kinds of posts from you. I just want to go back to the old easygoing me who just wanted to share my day. Besides, it's sort of hard to be "profound"  right now especially when nothing significant fills your day! :P

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago to a tutoring gig I did. I tutored someone from school and it was really funny cause coincidentally, we were neighbors! 

As I've mentioned previously, I've noticed that one of the downs of short hair is that it can be a tad unruly. The back part often flies away or my hair becomes flat especially when I don't air dry it so the easiest solution is just to put on a hat. I love this hat cause I got it at a bargain. It was already affordable to begin with, but when I got to the counter I got an additional discount! How cool is that? I love it when that happens! :)

tropical dress: department store find || denim vest: Cotton On || bag: || fedora hat: SM Accessories || photos by Chubby Garcia (my 12 year old brother! haha)

I picked this outfit out because it was the breeziest thing I could find on short notice. It's been scorching hot lately, especially in the afternoons and it's sometimes accompanied by the rotating brown outs. My sister and I just got better from a bout of stomach flu and fever last week after we walked in the afternoon heat. It was only then (and after much Googling) that I realized that you really could get sick for being exposed to the sun so I've been really careful about that then after. Try not to go out between 12-3pm and drink lots of fluids! :)


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  1. gorgeous skirt! I love how bright it is :D , and that knotted denim shirt works a charm



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