The 7-list: Best Feelings in the World


There are lots of good feelings in the world. Like for example, getting ice cream on a hot day, not having to wear pants on a hot day, rain after a particularly hot day, to name a few. Notice how it's all about hot days??? It's been really hot lately and it's making me complain a LOT. So in the spirit of trying to have an attitude of gratitude, I've compiled some of my favorite feelings in the world that make me smile no matter what, when I think of them. In no particular order:

1) Trying something new

There's just something about trying something new that helps you discover a little about yourself. When you do something that you thought you couldn't do, it makes you feel braver and more open to trying new things. When you try out new things, it also inspires you to be more creative. Besides, if you DON'T try out new things, how will you know what things you like, or what things you're actually good at?

2) Seeing something to completion

For someone who keeps starting things and rarely ever gets to finish them (I like working on things bit by bit, cause different inspirations strike me at different times), I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I do see something through.

3) Letting shit go (literally and figuratively)

My mom always tells me it's best to travel light. It's true. In life, when you're at your lowest of low, when you're as broke as a rat's ass, you'll realize that all you ever need, you can count on your fingers. The only people you need are those who are with you during those low periods in life. The only things that matter are what YOU do with your life and what YOU think of yourself; not what others think of you.

4) Sharing deep, genuine belly laughs with someone

For me, other than sharing deep, meaningful conversations, another thing that helps me bond with people is sharing laughs with them. I usually end up remembering these moments most. :)

5) Making your parents proud

Making someone you love proud is one of the best feelings in the world. Why? Because you did your best to give something back to them and because you know you didn't let them down.

6) Helping someone out

One way to get your mind off a bad day is to channel your bad energy outwards, and in a good way--by helping others. Sometimes I feel powerless over certain situations but if there's one thing I know I have control over, it's my own actions. 

7) Falling in love

..and not just with a significant other. Fall in love with people, places and things.
Sometimes, there are things I take for granted and only sometime after do I notice something new in it that would make me love it even more. Look at the world through different lenses and different angles; you might see something new that wasn't there before. :)

Sooo, hope I made your day!
Why don't you share a few of your "best feelings"? I'd love to hear them!


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