Here's the Mail, It never fails, It makes me wanna wag my tail


...when it comes I wanna wail... 

Sharing to you some stuff I got in the mail recently.

1) Necklaces from Freestyle Necklaces for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Marvin and Claudine! :)

2) 2 keyboard rings and felt peony headband from Curls and Twirls for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Gen! :)

3) Floral cropped top from Pirouette for my blog giveaway!
Thank you Acha!

4) Paris and mustache ring (Feebee's order online)
and other assorted accessories from Peaches on Top.

Thank you Phya! :)

5) Tops from Cheyser!

I was shocked when I received a package I didn't know about and then Cheyser texted me asking, "did you get what I sent you?" She sent me a purple sweater, pink cardigan and floral top but the floral top didn't fit me. Haha.

Thanks again, C!

Cheyser is so nice! She even asked me if I wanted shoes. She definitely deserves everything she has right now! So everyone, if you want to be successful, do good. It takes a long time to pay off, but it will. :)

Only 3 more giveaways to goooo! I'm still waiting for confirmation and photos from other sponsors. These sponsors will be the ones to send the items to the winners :)

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