Wishlist Wednesday: Techie Edition!


It's been a good few months since my return to blogging!
Never would I have thought that in 3 months, I would have gained 236 followers, hosted 13 giveaways and gotten online shops I usually see on more famous blogs as sponsors for my own giveaways!
Because of my blog, I've been given opportunities I would never had imagined getting (eg: getting the job as SOUL Lifestyle's SMA and a CollegeFashionista internship)

So yes, I'm very grateful. Yet, it's human nature to actually never be contented, and I am very much human. So for 2012, I am hoping for better things and improvements for my blog.

As most of you might know, I am so not a techie! I don't know how to edit photos using Photoshop, increase my page rank, do SEO work, etc. So, here are my wishies for my blog:

1) A blog header

(screenshots from TWR, BMS and Paradigma)

I think the header shows the identity of you and your blog, so it would kind of suck to still stick with a title in just a lame font style from Blogger. Maybe I'll have one made by Charlene Ajose, her works are awesome! My friend Mia Durano had her's made my Charlene, super nice.
Or Aidx, if you get to read this, make me one! Christmas gift! :D Or maybe I should do another contest for this. I wonder if anyone would join though. Hmm..

2) My own domain

My blog name is too long for life, I know!

I don't know how to get cheap domains, so wishing someone would help me with this. By the way, what should I get?

a) thestylereactor.com?
b) stylereactor.com?

or do you think that me referring to myself as The Style Reactor is too pretentious? Would you have something else to suggest? Would reeeeaaaaaalllllly love to hear what you think!


  1. I think I could help you with wish no. 2... but it would mean moving to a different platform.

  2. I second heidi. :) Nowadays, wordpress na ang platform na ginagamit ng maraming bloggers, pero hindi nga lang halata na wordpress yun. :D

  3. I know you can buy just the name itself. I have a friend who customized her URL lang to http://blog.foureyedwonder.com, but it still eventually goes to her blogspot. :)

  4. Or like Bianca Gonzales who also did the same thing and just customized the name of her url so that it would redirect to her blogspot. http://iamsuperbianca.com :) Basta possible! Haha! :)

  5. Cool. Pwede pala yun, Carla? I never knew... So, F, maybe you could do what Carla suggested. :)

  6. yes, you can buy in blogger but I dont have credit card! So I shall find someone who does then I'll pay them nalang. It's easier to follow blogs via Blogger + they have their own SEO cos they're under Google but I heard Blogger crashes easily though. I'll stick it out here though cause I've tried Wordpress and it was hard!

    Thanks pals, I got shocked cause when I checked the posts again, I got 5 comments and I'm like WOAH! hahahah :)

  7. I think I saw a site before where you can buy your own domain for 20 dollars. Less than 1000 pesos when converted. go for it! :)

    CHEKWA x CHICKFLICK: Join my First Giveaway!

    Jamie Kate



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