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 The past two weeks were probably the longest I went on without updating my blog. As you know, I try to keep it a week tops without blogging. I've promised to try to blog as much as I can since it was our semestral break but I was busy. Ironic how I get to blog more often during school days when I'm supposedly busier, right? Anyway, I'm sure most of you didn't miss me as much since you all probably have been enjoying your own breaks. *drama*

I spent my semestral break exercising (I'm a changed woman, I know!!) and cleaning up since we were moving to a new house. I'm currently at my room in the new house (it's our first night here cause it's my mom's birthday!!!) and I feel like everything's converging into a new and clearer path, like here I am at a new chapter--new semester coming, new room, new house and blogging anew. I feel renewed. After getting rid of all the junk, everything just seems so clear and promising to me right now.

Anyway, this maroon skirt is one new piece I've added to my closet and like most of the best things (and people), it came into my life unexpectedly. I was at Cotton On (which is on sale by the way) when I saw this. I was able to get it at P200--a steal considering I've been looking for maroon/burgundy bottoms for the fall season. An early warning: expect to keep seeing this skirt in my upcoming blog posts. Haha. I paired it with my sister's denim jacket which I wore as a polo (I feel so skinny, knowing I was able to close it! HAHA) which is a play in contrast. Denim's generally rugged and the maroon skirt just takes me to old school preppy so they're quite the opposite. I love how everything went together though! Did you? :)

denim jacket: Felicia's || maroon skater skirt: Cotton On || shoes: SM Parisian || photos: Mithi
Hope my Philippine readers and friends take care during the typhoon!

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