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Here is another edition of Stylish Saturdays featuring Mayo Wo of! I really really really love her feminine-romantic style which shines through no matter what she wears! Take that look above for example. That's an example of an androgynous look but I still get the feminine vibe. I'm not sure if it's her photos or just her delicate feel or aura as a person. Nevertheless, I love it! I really wish I could pull these kinds of looks off!
My sister said her style can be described as Korean/Asian but my sister cosplays so I guess she would say so, but I don't and I live in fashion world and in fashion world, this is feminine-romantic. Haha! She's one of the few people who can regularly pull off wearing socks with heels (which she got popular for, I think) and can pull off wearing tulle skirts on a regular basis. Here are some more of my favorite looks of hers:
The top gives off a grunge vibe but it is still kept feminine via the tulle skirt
ruby red romwe shirt - white uuendy lau bag - brick red romwe skirt
Red is a really strong color and I somehow wouldn't normally see this fit into her style equation because she's almost always in soft pastel colors BUT the top's sweet print adheres to her whole sweet image
Chiffon skirt. Very feminine. I love that the purse adds a touch of quirkiness to it
This one's another play in contrast that I like. The jacket and the aviators lend a masculine vibe to it (like the pilots in Top Gun) but the print and the skirt offset that so it's still feminine
Cherries. Nuff said. 
She also has the cutest accessories like the woven box bag, sundae heels, evil queen heels and if you check her Instagram or Facebook page, you'd see she has so many quirky bags! I really wish she'd sell them cause I'd really buy them! #baghag
carrot orange romwe skirt - burnt orange Choies blazer - purple romwe shirt
One of my favorite outfits of hers. Mixed prints. Look ma, socks and heels :>
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