Talk Aint Cheap


Regardless of whatever situation, I think that freedom of speech is imperative.  Granted we follow basic courtesy and try not to curtail someone else’s freedom to do so. That being said, I have all reason to enjoy this freedom of mine and I have a right to do so (speak out) especially if I know I am right.

I have written in an older post that I usually do not speak out unless I’ve heard both sides (if there are two sides) OR unless I’m completely sure of what I’m saying or know what I’m talking about. I think that the listening and evaluating part makes all the difference between mindless chatter (cheap talk; talking for the sake of talk; noise) and intelligent conversation. And I’d like to think I am the latter. Hey, I may not be chatty in person but I write blog entries like there’s no tomorrow. =))

Because the thing about communication is that it’s a two-way street. The problem arises when someone is talking but you aren’t listening or vice versa. Or you think that you are listening but in actuality you only hear the parts that you want to hear. That isn’t respect. Respect. But wait, how did respect get into the picture? The word almost always crops up when we talk about miscommunication. When you aren’t being heard, you question “why is this so?” or you ask yourself “why am I being shut down?” and this leads to more conflict. The best way to overcome it to just really talk it out, but if either parties are reluctant to then find another outlet to be heard. This is probably one of the reasons (if not the main reason) why I opened this blog. Here, I can freely write about whatever I want (well, within reason) without being shut down. Yes, it has happy stories but mostly I feel like it’s like a hastily cleaned up version of the inner workings of my mind, laced with fashion photos to lessen the seriousness.

I may not be championing worthwhile causes all the time but I have a voice that I want heard. So thank you for reading my blog and hearing/reading my thoughts out even though it seems as if I’m doing a monologue most of the time (cause I don’t get comments!! *cough* *cough*) It’s so random but I just want to thank you. :)

top and bag: H&M || jacket: Felicia's || skirt: Cotton On || boots: Feebee's || photos: KC Coquilla

Anyway, on the outfit front, I didn’t know what I was thinking when I chose to wear the outfit (and boots, to boot!!) to school.  I’ve always wanted to shoot this outfit inspired by Miranda Kerr and when the opportunity presented itself (aka I couldn’t think of anything to wear to school that day), I took the plunge and just wore that even though the boots were kind of a pain to walk in. But what is a little pain if you want to look good? Besides, my foot eventually got used to the pain, just like I got used to the feel of the outfit even if I was a tad hesitant about it at first. :) I chose a striped top instead of a plain white one like Miranda's cause I thought it looked better.

Hope you liked it!


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  1. Hey Farrah, finally got the chance to comment (ayan, di ka na mukhang nagmo-monologue. luls joke) while I was reading this, napaisip tuloy ako dun sa nangutya kay Miss World 2013 (at sa lahat ng Filipinos in general) but hey, some people are just not worth the attention. lol. I'd rather pay attention to your outfit, cmoooon. :)))
    I super like the outfit esp the boots and the skirt. so kikay, and I'm so inspired to wear more fashionable outfits to school! (para kahit haggard, looking and feeling good parin. di yung haggard na nga, looking haggard pa. naku.)
    anyway, keep up the work and (as ive said sa text) nag-aabang ako. haha!

    love, Jojie <3 :*

    1. Hi Juj! Yay I'm so happy you commented! As I've told you on text, nagwork ang pagpaparinig ko! haha :P Thank you for reading my blog. Miss you! :)

  2. I love the bag and the boots too much! :)

    Much Love,

  3. I love the outfit! :) love the denim!



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