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Last Friday, I met up with mah gurlz Mithi and Julienne after not seeing them for over a month. The last time we saw each other was at our little chill Kadayawan gathering and even though it's only been a month, it felt like ages! A lot happened that we needed to share in person (cause sometimes, a story told through text messaging does not cut it!) so we planned to meet up.

Our group's problem when we do go out though is..."where to eat?" Even when we were in Manila, where there are tons of establishments to choose from, we'd always take long to pick a place to eat. It was a good thing Mithi thought of and suggested this place, which she's heard raves about from her classmates.

Darcy's Place is a panda-themed cafe located at Lapu-lapu cor Sobrecary (near Sta Ana Church) that opened last September 8. According to the staff we interviewed, the pandas came from the owner's character in a video game. He also chose the name Darcy, as in Mr. Darcy because (I guess) you could say he is one. He opened this business with his girlfriend, who's based here while he is based in Manila. *insert awws here* <3>

I've had the pleasure of "meeting" the owner and his girlfriend. By that I mean when we interviewed the staff, they said the owner had left. Cause beforehand (when we didn't know he was the owner), he was really accommodating, asking how was the food and even replacing my pasta when he asked me if it was okay and I said it was a bit salty.
Anyway, Julienne, Mithi and I ordered milk teas. I got salted caramel (Mithi and Julienne said twas too sweet for their taste, but I like sweet so it was fine by me), Julienne got Macadamia* and Mithi got the Mr. Darcy Special* which had toasted marshmallows flavor I think. I love how they came in little glass jars! I thought that was very cute and had that whole DIY feel :)
*not really sure about the names. Sorry 

For food, I got Pesto pasta with grilled chicken, Julienne got the Grilled Chicken Twist which was chicken sandwiches with apple slices and Mithi got the Pandacue (Pandaque?) which was pork barbeque bites with rice and egg.

Overall, it was a perfect place for a chill night with the girls. I didn't realize how much I'd missed my friends whom I can talk about anything, from the mundane to more serious issues. We had lots of "profound" moments again that night, but I'd like to think that it was from out of our sabawness more than anything.

Well since it was a cute panda place, we just had to have a few photo ops:

I think I counted more than 30 pandas. They should do a contest of guess how many pandas there are!

I DID NOT GET THE MEMO. Such a coincidence that Mit and J were in plaid polos and shorts!
My friends were such stage friends and told me to pose with all the staff that night. Haha. But can I just say, Julienne was the ace reporter that night, always firing questions to the staff cause I was too shy to. Haha. So most of the info here are all thanks to Julienne. Photos c/o Mithi of course! I love how my friends are so supportive of my blog. :) Thanks girlies. Miss you already :)

HAHA! Look at kuya holding the panda tip jar! I love how everyone was game to pose for a photo even if it was embarrassing to do so (parang artista lang ako! haha though I blend in easily, uniforms-wise)
Since it is a panda place, there needs to be an obligatory panda photo. BUUUT I'm not the pacutesy type of girl so look how awkward I was! Haha. I was reminded of my friend Lian cause she does kawaii best =))

Visit Darcy's Place at
Door 4 Lucita Bldg, Lapu-lapu cor Sobrecarey St, Davao City
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