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Hello! From Davao.
I'm supposed to be in Cebu now with Mia for her birthday trip (we booked tickets in January) but something went wrong so it didn't push through. I'm still sad about it but there isn't anything more I could do, as our my flight had left last Saturday (when these photos were taken). It was funny too cause right after the time I was originally scheduled to get back to Davao (tomorrow), I had planned to be going to Manila too for an AIESEC NLDC conference. Sadly, that also didn't push through cause when I decided to book tickets, they were already so expensive! ASDFGJKL So I'm spending sembreak in Davao...again.

So anyway, here's an update again after a week of not doing so! I cannot believe it's been that long! You will have to excuse me for so as it was our exam week last week, which is why I published 3 straight blog posts the last week. I only had to take 3 exams though, the last of which I took last Saturday. Then right after, I went on to have an overdue girls' day out with some of my bloggies (blogger buddies :) )!

Kwesh got back from Manila so we were back to our old routine! We (Kwesh, Ella, Dawn and I) had lunch at Picobello (#cheatday), then went clothes hunting at JS and Gaisano Mall (#cheapthrills) where we also took photos. I love love love how the photos turned out! I actually didn't have to edit them aside from resize them. Don't I look like I'm abroad? A tiny consolation for not being able to travel this break. :P

I wore this outfit because I knew we'd be taking outfit shots yet I didn't want to overdress nor look too casual for school. I would be taking my last exam for the sem so I wanted something relaxed, easy and fuss-free but still stylish. I think the whole outfit suited the description, no? I also wore my Cotton On skater skirt above the dress cause it was short and skin tight. No way in hell would the guards ever let me past school grounds in it had I worn it alone. It's funny though cause my skater skirt didn't end up looking very skater-y. I blame it on my big butt. :P

While we were going around the mall, I tried on a really cute snapback from The Rainbow Project. I wish I couldve shown it to you guys! I think it was the missing piece that could take this outfit to a whole new level. But then when I was surfing the internet, I saw Patricia Prieto in a similar outfit combo (denim jacket, black dress + snapback) so in a way I guess it was a good thing I didn't or else it would've looked like I copied her!

I was supposed to tote my lola's vintage Gucci bag as well! Good thing I didn't. :P

dress: Liberte at Robinsons Dept Store || skater skirt: Cotton On || denim jacket: Felicia's || bag: Ichigo || flats: Payless || sunnies and photos: Kwesh

These are my Farrah Garcia for Sunnies by Charlie-inspired photos. I love their whole ad campaign which was shot guerilla-style. I think it's something new to the Philippines.

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PS. If you wanna know why my blog entry was entitled this way, you can look closely at all the photos (look at Dawn, Kwesh and Ella's posts as well) but I'll have you know they weren't the only one! There were actually 2 more in the 5 meter radius of the place! Haha. ;)

Hope you liked this post!

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