Hips Don't Lie


I wasn't supposed to shoot this particular outfit but since the opportunity presented itself in the form of my uncle's camera and my sister's "willingness" to take my photo, here's another outfit shot for y'alls. These were taken during my cousin Erika's debut party a couple of weeks ago. We were told to come in navy blue.

 This was a last minute outfit as before changing for the party, I was engrossed with Game 3 of the UAAP Finals. (Jeric :(( ), besides I thought I wasn't going. But at the last minute, my mother said we all had to go. I was lucky the theme was so because as you know, I have LOTS of navy blue clothing. ;)

I've had this maxi skirt for a while now. I've always wanted a maxi skirt but I thought I'd look fatter in it so I've put off buying one until a month ago when I bought this for Eda's Coachella themed debut. I didn't get to take outfit photos that night though. Actually this is exactly what I wore then, minus a cream cover-up. It was just so hot that night. This outfit minus the cover-up made it look a bit more glam than boho, if I do say so myself. Try as I might in my monochrome outfit though, I just couldn't hide those hips of mine! :(

Some of you who regularly drop by my blog or follow me on Twitter may have read that I've been working out. I wanna share that it's my 5th week already today and even though I feel like I haven't lost weight yet, I feel really good because I am finally working hard for something I want. The best thing I got out of it though, is that I can say that I'm actually liking exercise. I feel like my body is getting stronger and soon enough I can do whatever (headstand soon, perhaps? hihi I give myself 2 years). Right now I can sustain longer jogs on the treadmill or elliptical, can carry heavier weights than when I started and I've also recently started Crossfit. I also do boxing but I get so tired after the first round and my trainer says I need to pack a little more power in my punches. Any of you have tips for that? Hopefully soon these hips would be gone! (or the stomach would. I would settle for the stomach. I don't think I can escape the hips)

with the cousins

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