Two Outfits, One Day


One of the reasons why I love basics so much is that I can create multiple styles from just a few pieces of clothing. With the right accessories, the possibilities are endless. This is what I kept in mind when I thought of last Wednesday's outfit. My friend told me to come up with my best look since he would be shooting Engineering students' #ootds. When he told me that last Monday, I came up with about 4 different looks but ended up settling for this one, something that wasn't among my original 4 choices. Haha! Last minute again! It's amazing cause I also ended up creating another look from the pieces I was wearing without meaning to.

This is the first look I wore to school. I would've wanted to wear boots for complete "authenticity" (like, I'd be in denim with brown accessories) but I didn't want to risk worsening my sprain (it's on its way to healing but it was feeling a bit painful that day). I thought the look was perfect since it was quite chilly and gloomy that day--the weather just right for layering! :)

My class ended at lunchtime so right after, I went to the doctor to get a foot X-ray. The clinic was right next to Gaisano Mall so while waiting for the results, I went around and bought this spiked cap from Human. I just tied the denim jacket around my waist, tied the scarf around my bag, put the hat on and poof! An entirely different look! The first one was more "me" though, don't you think? :)

I ended up not getting photographed since people were actually pre-chosen (a pair for each course). I thought it'd be like a street style feature but it was like a photo shoot, with the lights and everything. I felt a bit stupid for showing up, like I was presenting myself, and honestly, I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed for not getting photographed. But the fact that Lorraine was really nice and supportive about taking my photo for my blog instead and that Juna texted me later on that she would support my blog no matter what made me realize that I don't need validation from others that I "dress well". I always say that I dress for myself, and having people important to me appreciate that is good enough for me. Getting features are bonuses. I do this for the pure unadulterated love of it. I really try to keep it as organic, raw and real as possible.

top, bag: H&M || shoes: Cotton On || cap: Human || denim jacket: Felicia's || scarf: from my aunt || photos: Lorraine
Sorry about the photos. Like I said, it was gloomy so we had to take indoor shots.
 Hope you liked this!

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