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I'm really sorry it took me 8 days into the LAST month of the year for you to hear from me again. I know, I know. I keep making excuses but I've seriously been LEGIT busy lately, and not even a month has passed since the semester started. To give you an idea how my schedule this semester goes, let's just say that my TTh classes run from 7:40am-9pm, no break. I have a minimum of 2 lab classes per day (on Tuesdays, it's 3--computing lab, actual lab work and computer lab (AutoCAD); on Thursdays I have PE) which each run for 3 hrs. My MWF schedule is lighter but it's those days I do errands, study AND tutor, so I still end up going home late. I missed our house a lot, so I spent the whole of yesterday home alone, resting and studying. I really wanted to watch Frozen, but certain sacrifices must be made if I do want to pass the semester with flying colors. 

Anyway, this is me checking in. It's pretty much a miracle how I am actually able to maintain this blog. I don't even get to promote and cross-post properly so I'm thankful that upon checking my stats, I still get the usual number of hits despite not posting regularly. Busy life + no laptop + no camera = deadly combination for a blogger! (Don't worry, I'm working on the laptop aspect. I have a LOT of TV series I need to catch up on over the holidays. Haha! So, hopefully I get one for Christmas *cross fingers* HI POPS. THIS WOULD BE AN OKAY TIME TO BE READING MY BLOG)

BTW, sorry I keep saying sorry. I didn't really notice that I say sorry for my periods of prolonged absences until I backread my blog entries. I just feel like I owe my readers some sort of apology, especially those that really check in from time to time for updates. I feel like you guys are friends I haven't talked to in so long, so I at least owe you updates and apologies. But I shall try not to say sorry next time, cause when I start yapping, I can't stop! Maybe if I do omit the apologies then my entries will be about 3 paragraphs shorter! :p It's just that, I really wish I could continually produce content. I wish I could go on posting every 4 days like I used to but now, it seems like I only get to update every weekend. Ah never mind, let's just say I'm going for quality over quantity. :P

Anyway, this is what I wore to school last Wednesday. My foot had been feeling a lot better so I didn't have to wear my foot bandage. I didn't have to wear pants nor sneakers to cover up the bandage as well. So, I wore this cause I dropped by the Davcon bazaar that Sunday and saw a girl who was wearing her polo shirt with a skater skirt. It looked so chic and preppy, so I just had to give it my own spin.

I used to wear polo shirts a lot when I was in my freshman year at UP. They were my saving grace and uniform then. I don't know what happened and why I stopped wearing them--maybe cause they were too hot, maybe because I just started buying plain V-necks more or maybe cause I started looking fatter in them already(!!!)--but they'll always be classics. Sometimes, new designs crop up (like the Collezione Pilipinas one, lately though, I think it's the one with the Italian prints and colors for guys) so they become "current" again, but they'll always remain closet staples.

I know the going trend's been grunge so when I see someone (especially guys) in a pique polo shirt like this, my eyes instantly zero in to them because they look so clean and presentable (and they instantly look rich! lakas makayaman to ah! haha). Just a tip, please guys, don't ever wear your polo shirt with a popped collar. It makes you look sleazy.

Unlike the girl at the bazaar who gave a sporty spin to her polo by it with a skirt and sneakers, I went the whole nine yards to be preppy and added a cardigan to my look and paired it with flats. I was going for the whole class president look. I wanted to wear a headband and everything but that was just so not me so I wore pearl earrings instead.

I had a pretty good day that Wednesday. After class, I was interviewed for my former classmate's project (good thing I looked the part na kagalang-galang. At least I hope I did! Haha) and then I had lunch with the Davao faction of the gang, Mithi and Julienne. Right after lunch, they accompanied me to my supposed errands--I was supposed to get my hair cut, but the stylist wasn't there and I was supposed to watch my sister's basketball game but the guards wouldn't let outsiders in--but it was obviously a fail so we ended up taking outfit photos at our secret spot. :"> We had a great time shooting, especially during the magical hour. There are actually a lot more photos I wanted to post but I just picked some and collaged the others. 

Like what I did with Heidi last summer, I'm featuring my friend Julienne here on my blog. She's a compassionate animal lover, future humanitarian (actually, she just came back from Leyte where she helped with some relief operations) who hopes to work with the UN soon, and is a published writer. Her research paper was published in a journal. Not to mention, she's also fasyon. I mean, c'mon. Look at those boots! Julienne's probably the only one among us who can last the longest in heels.

cardigan: Candy || skirt: Cotton On || shoes: Ferragamo || photos: Mithi
Hope you liked this post!

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  1. Huhu. I miss you, women! And I think J6 should blog, too. Hahaha!

    1. see you soonest! :> i was with j6 kanina. told her this :))

  2. Lovely outfit! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES



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