Au Revoir 2013


To compare my 2013 to my 2012 blogging-wise, it was a pretty slow and quiet year. 2013 in general was a quiet year actually. By the way, sorry I just got back. I wasn't supposed to blog since it seemed like such short notice and I wasn't (and still am not) prepared at all on what to write, but I felt like I had to. I just couldn't leave things hanging then *poof* appear in 2014 like nothing happened. I missed a lot, blogosphere-wise but enjoyed a lot as well, real-life wise.
I'd gone on a self-imposed hiatus to you know, live my life and during that hiatus, I'd been assessing myself as a blogger. I assessed my year. It started with a bang, what with our guesting at a local TV show. :) Then in Febuary, I got to travel and go to CdO to visit Mia and attend a conference. In March, we had the SEA Technical Fair at Abreeza. This was a fun time for me as I got to bond with my ChE classmates. We got to stay at the mall til 1am for the ingress. =)) By the end of March til April, my batchmates graduated from college (and left me behind. huhu chos) During the summer, we got fabulous news that we would be given a TV show so we filmed all summer long. That was fun too cause I got to meet Rien and be closer to my DFB loves :) It was in May that we first moved houses. In June, school started and I got scared cause I thought I'd have a hard time with all my subjects BUT by the end of the sem, I ended up in the Dean's List. For the first time EVER in my whole college life! :)
July was my birthday month and a busy one as well. I gave a talk at NCCC (my first legit solo, compensated one!) anddd I attended a few more events than usual, like our show's channel launching (Sadly though the show did not push thru because of problems in the channel), Bauhaus event which fell on my birthday and the Lookbook Live event with Laureen Uy and David Guison. It was also during that month that I got 100,000 page views! :-) So thank you guys! My birthday month was the best!!
During the end of August, I went to Manila for another ChE conference with my friends. I brought my Davao friends and met up with my Manila friends. It was also in August that I got to help out with Team EA for Modelo Ateneo and that was pretty cool cause I got to meet more Engineering students, especially the members of the Students' Council. I'm shy eh! Haha. In September, I started my fitness project and I was pretty much a gym rat til I sprained my foot in November. During the semestral break, my family and I moved houses again, but this time for good. I can't believe in 2013, we finally got to acquire our own house. 
Finally fast forward to present time. It's the second semester and I'm taking up my heaviest load yet (like I keep saying!) so I've been focusing on that. I also just recently went to Manila to accompany my sister for a programming contest, but I didn't get to meet anyone or attend any event (sayang cause it was Engineering Week in UP then!) It's funny cause so far during this break, I've been going out and enjoying myself too much that I haven't made any new years resolutions or plans at all..nor have I bought myself a planner like I usually did the previous years. Is it too late to still do both? :)
If there's anything I promise myself to do in 2014 though, it's probably to just let loose and live in the moment. I won't fully get to enjoy moments if I keep worrying about moments that need to be documented (especially for the blog). Also, in 2014, I seriously need to unplug. I will unplug and stop saying but start doing. I won't be able to focus on bettering myself if I am constantly in view of everyone else's life. That's pretty ironic coming from a blogger who "relies" pretty much on social media to invite traffic to her site, but that just means I need to spend less time looking through Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines so I could actually accomplish more.
So anyway, to close this hasty, last minute year end post, I want to thank each and every one of you who's read my blog and continues to read, support and leave comments on it. I thank my generous sponsors and collaborators who trusted me and believed in me enough to work with me. I'd also like to thank my beloved friends who took/take my photos on a regular basis--DFB loves, Mithi, Ayessa and Lorraine--my blog wouldn't survive without you! 
To a better year (and blog) for 2014!
Happy New Year!
PS. There should be more photos in this entry but Blogger won't let me upload. :(

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