I go to school so my days usually evolve around a routine. I'm the kind of person who easily gets bored so I try to switch things up a bit. It's ironic though that as much as I love trying out different things, I want it on my own terms. I guess you could say I like planned spontaneity. So it feels different when life and circumstance that try to switch things up for you. That was something I experienced a couple of days ago.

I had the funniest, most face-palming experience last Thursday. There had been talks about shortened class period on Thursday so I thought it was that Thursday already. I even retweeted the photo of the memo so the other students would be informed. Sadly (and stupidly of me), I DID NOT READ IT.

I woke up early on Thursday morning to study for my 2 quizzes later on in the afternoon. According to the memo, my original 9:15 am class (second period) would be moved to 10:45am. My sister Timmy and I have the same class time but weren't on speaking terms that day so when she left, I was sniggering inside, thinking "HAHAHA di siya aware". My mom told me we'd leave together but at the last minute (around 10am), she decided not to so I had to walk to the gate to get a ride. I'm so stingy that I would rather take public transport and mind you, it takes 45 minutes on average to get from our house to school. 

When I got outside, the driver was LYING DOWN while the other passengers were waiting. I was so agitated cause I didn't want to miss a quiz I studied for and the driver laying there with all the time in the world wasn't gonna get me to school in 30mins!! So I did the unthinkable...I rode a cab. I was so tense that when I got to school, I made a mad dash for our room...only to find another class there. I called up one of my classmates asking, "wala ba tayong class??" and you know what she said? "Tapos na" And I didn't get it then so I went, "Akala ko ba shortened ngayon?" then she replied "next week pa yun". OMG.

There were so many things wrong on ALL levels:

1) I woke up early that day, thus no reason for me not to be late.
2) I retweeted the announcement (but didn't bother to read it. FML)
3) I was silently laughing at my sister when in reality, THE JOKE WAS ON ME.
Can you say KARMA??

And I rode a cab and spent more money. (sobrang kuripot lang talaga!!)
Plus, my classmates told me we didn't even have a quiz. Given that I missed the class anyway, that was the best thing to come out of it.

But it's all good.

I realized how caught up I am in my day-to-day activities (and it's only the 2nd week of class!!) that I don't notice the little things or take heed of life's finer print. It felt great to laugh at myself. I was life's butt of jokes that day. HAHA. Anyway, here's that Forever 21 dress I bought and another way of wearing it. This is something patterned after my other sister Feebee's go-to cold weather outfits. She usually wears tights with this (sweater, oxfords and a dress) but I feel like tights make me look shorter. The cold weather's upon us so I am cheering inside. For someone who lives in a tropical country, most of my clothes come in somber shades and thicker fabrics so hooray cause I get to layer, layer and layer again! =))

Hope you liked this!


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