Begin Again


The second week of school is only starting tomorrow but I feel like I've been at it for a while now. I can't believe summer is over and done and I am officially in my senior year! Plus, there's nothing like a 3-hour lecture on the second day of class to make me feel it. I remember on a couple of occasions this week when I spaced out and thought, what is this?? As if to cement our true blue senior status, it seemed as if our teachers immediately just threw us into the pool--no introductions or reviews needed. But that's good though--no more coddling. I actually spent the whole day yesterday reading up just to not fall behind--we're already having a quiz on Wednesday!

So there goes my not so long-winded explanation for not updating for a week. I'm sure a lot of you didn't have time to check my blog cause you were busy with your own first weeks of class as well. Anyway, this is what I wore a week ago, my last day of vacation to be exact. I've been toying around with our camera's settings after reading up on photography suggestions and tips online and finally tried shooting in manual! They're right! Shooting in manual is definitely better. I didn't have to edit my photos, save for resizing them, which works for me since like I always say, I have little to no knowledge of Photoshop. HAHA

Anyway, these were taken while my sister and I were waiting for my dad. I hadn't planned on getting this outfit taken--these photos were supposedly just for fun--but they ended up so nice so I had to blog it! It was Taylor Swift's concert a few days prior so I wanted to do that whole Parisian with-a-bike kinda shoot like in the "Begin Again" video =))

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! :)


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