Foodie Friday: Beef with Broccoli


When I started exercising, I thought that would be enough for me to lose weight. I thought I could be like those people who could just exercise and eat what they wanted. Fast forward to a month since I started going to the gym, I was dismayed to find out that I only lost 0.6kg! I think it's because I was still building muscles (they say it's hard to lose weight the first few months) but it's also most likely because my eating habits haven't changed since I started exercising. I don't eat a whole lot but perhaps the food I did eat was so packed with fat and empty calories. Plus, I didn't eat vegetables (before) and I couldn't kick my sweet tooth. So, I resolved to try to eat healthier.

This is a recipe I found in a cookbook I was browsing through in the book store. It's a quick recipe book. You can pick recipes based on the number of ingredients. This had 3 or 4 and was pretty easy to remember so I tried it out. I get too lazy to cook elaborate meals which require a lot of time and effort.


 (I think I used 3 cloves; depends on you if you want some or a LOT of garlicky flavor)

I chose the sukiyaki cut cause it's softer and thinner.



Wash the beef. Pound it to make it softer. Marinate it in soy sauce and pepper (I didn't put salt cause soy sauce is salty in itself) for at least 20 minutes. While waiting, cut the garlic and blanch the broccoli. 

To blanch the broccoli, take a pot of boiling water and submerge the broccoli in it for about a minute. Then, place the broccoli in a bowl of ice cold water so it'll be crunchy.

Heat the pan. Put some oil and fry the garlic. Put the beef with the marinade in it. Add oyster sauce to make the sauce thicker. Add more soy sauce, pepper or seasoning to taste. (I added some Worcestershire sauce and Knorr seasoning to taste) Some recipes I found online add cornstarch to make the sauce thicker, but we didn't have any so I didn't bother. The result was the beef somehow tasted like beef salpicao because of the garlic and little sauce.

Top the beef with broccoli. Serve.

So I like this dish because it's a complete meal in itself. There's protein (beef) and greens and carbs in the form of the broccoli. Plus, doesn't the brown of the beef and the green of the broccoli look so good together? And it's perfect because the beef's a little salty and savory while the broccoli counters/neutralizes that taste. :)


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  1. Good job, F! :D
    Btw, weight loss/fitness is 70% diet, 30% exercise, or something like that. You'd lose more if you changed up your diet talaga. Btw, cauliflower is a good rice alternative (for me at least). :)

    1. Thanks HLT! I have yet to try cauliflower as a rice substitute. How do you cook it?:P Do you add anything?

  2. looks really yummy!



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