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I rarely ever buy new clothes because I seldom find something that I reeeeeaaaaalllly like (that fits me) and can afford. Plus, it also has to pass that seven outfit test I keep mentioning--that if I can make at least 7 outfits with it, it's a worthy buy. This dress from Forever 21 is one of them. I mean, obviously, or I wouldn't have bought it. And even so, as usual, I had second (and third and fourth...) thoughts of buying it. Good thing Ayessa, my persistent voice of (un)reasonable purchases, was there to persuade me to just buy it. I usually have this really strict reward system for myself but for the first time in a long time, I actually did not have buyer's remorse. HAHA

This is one of the outfits I thought of when I saw the dress: sporty. Just throw on some sneaks and a cap to dress the look down a little. The weather's been crazy lately; kind of a mix of summer and the rainy season. It's super hot in the mornings and afternoons and then it rains hard at night. I know wearing the dress alone is a bit too hubadera for my taste but I couldn't help it, it really was so hot and I didn't want to wear pants. HAHA. I wore this to watch a movie with my sister.

We watched Maybe this Time (yes, the Coco Martin-Sarah G movie!) and I have to say, I enjoyed it a bit too much. The story was cliche but Coco Martin acting like a jologs all but made up for it. He was such a natural and he was so charming! :)) The movie ended late so we had to take outdoor night shots. It was pretty embarrassing cause while I was dancing like a loon to make my skirt flounce, my sister overheard some people passing by saying "para lang sa Facebook?" HAHA #bloggerproblems

tribal printed dress: Forever 21 || sneakers: Converse || cap: Human

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