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Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm posting an outfit with a hint of red on it in honor of Chinese New Year. I did the same last year, even though I'm not Chinese. I'm really lucky that one, it's a holiday today and I've got time to blog and two, that I wore something a couple of weeks ago that seems fitting to post today cause if not, I honestly don't know what I'd write! Taking long blogging breaks at a time has taken its toll on my creativity/vocabulary. :(

Anyway, on to the outfit! I wore this a couple of weeks ago to school. I'd just gotten the top the previous weekend from Forever 21's grandest sale--the Buy 1 Take 1 sale. My sisters and I went crazy--we were able to buy around 10 items of clothing for 2000php! That's around 200 pesos for each item of clothing, a pretty good bargain, considering the normal price of Forever 21 clothes. Most of the pieces were clothes I recognized from when they opened here in Davao though, so I told my sisters to pick clothes that were timeless and basic vs the trendy, easily dated ones. #shoppingtip

I was feeling a lot playful that day so I went for a mixed print look again. It just didn't feel right for me to pair the leopard top with a basic piece, say jeans or a black skirt. I mean, you totally can but I felt like standing out and feeling different for a bit. Haha! Besides, I missed doing the mixed print look. I haven't seen one on the blogs I follow in the longest time. It was pretty easy to do though, using my sister's skirt. I've done one (using the skirt) last summer with Heidi. The skirt's prints are small so they aren't that noticeable. Besides, both the top and bottom have the same colors on them so you're guaranteed they'd still look classy and that they'd call attention, albeit a subtle kind. :)

top: Forever 21 || skirt: H&M (Timmy's) || cardigan: Feebee's || photos: Gian Sam

I originally wore a black cardigan but just as I was leaving the house, my mom called me back to change into a red one just so I won't look dreary. I've got to say, that was a good decision! :)

Photos with Tiano, Kristoffe and Ron taken by Eldon Calamba
Sorry the photos are a bit too bright. We were at a meeting and had to take the shots indoors. Before I left for school that day though, I ran into some EASEC officers outside cause they were gonna have a meeting in the next room. They were all standing there in a huddle and I was all, "Hi guys!" but they were all so somber. Only then did I realize that they stopped because Angelus was going on. Big whoops. Haha. =))
Hope you liked this  set!
I have to go cause I have to get ready for a shoot today with my fellow bloggers! #artistatweet :P

PS. I think my "signature pose" is the one wherein I'm playing with my hair, thus the title. haha #justsaying

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  1. a wonderful mix of patterns with those black and white garments, and i love the pop of colour with the cardi. :D



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