Hello once more!

Can you believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post? If you haven't noticed, chances are you're still a student, like me. Haha! It's March madness, as I like to call it. We are down to the last couple weeks of school and there's school work we have to do left and right. Thankfully though, the stars have aligned for me tonight and I (miraculously) have nothing major to submit tomorrow. :)

So, this is one of the outfits I shot with Pat and Rien post-Valentines (almost a month ago as well!!) and this is another one of my favorites. I think I've worn this twice or thrice already aside from that time we shot it. Of course, I can never wear this to school so I wear it out when I go to the mall and don't feel like dressing up. The thing I've noticed is that even though you wear ratty and old pieces, if you have this "saving grace" piece, you can make people believe you really thought of your outfit!

I thought about that cause last Monday, I had dinner with my friends and they said I was fit to be photographed for a blog post but little did they know that the leggings I wore had a hole so I wore a long green tank top with it. But then, the green tank's straps were inverted (cause I got it at a surplus shop HAHA) so I covered it up with that Forever 21 bomber jacket I wore here. The result? An outfit I didn't give any effort to but still ended up looking polished all the same. Haha. I thought that's what the jacket did to me for this outfit, although to a lesser degree. I wouldn't normally wear shorts and a spaghetti strap top together out. Neverrrr!! But with the jacket tied at the waist or worn on its own, I would (I mean duh, I just did! haha) cause it adds a little oomph and I don't look homely as I would've had I just worn the spaghetti strap top and shorts.

And although summer's in and pastels and neons are coming to be all the rage, I still can't seem to bade these dark fall hues adieu. They're okay to wear at any time of the year actually (since they're basics) and they have all the right to be in your summer wardrobe, especially for night what's coming out to be the HOTTEST prelude to summer party: Liberalia.

Manic Nightnings and Smart bring you
LIBERALIA: The Neon Glow Party
March 15, 3PM 
At the Crocodile Park Concert Grounds

This is brought to you by the same people that brought Carte Blanche (which I missed cause of my sprain!! ASJBAFKL) so you definitely are guaranteed that this is THE place to be to get your #ArawNgDabaw on! 
I might wear something like this cause for sure it's gonna get wet and wild!

plaid jacket: Cotton On (my brother's!) || cap: Human || photos: Rien Bautista
See you! :)


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  1. I like your cap and those autumn hues rock on you! Keep wearing them :D



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