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Some companies have been e-mailing me telling me to check out their sites but on principle, I don't advertise sites that I personally don't like. One such shop is They are an online shop that specializes in made to order dresses and gowns so unlike other online shops which have ready-made gowns, if you don't fit in a specific size (like maybe the dress fits perfectly but then it's too short on you), then this is the shop for you! My top pick are their strapless mermaid prom dresses.

Mermaid dresses are usually columnar or straight on top but flail below the knees. This is perfect for women with hourglass figures but if done correctly, it can also look good on pear shaped figures. I love these kinds of dresses cause they look really glamorous. The pink one on top is really simple and chic; it can definitely make you look taller! And here are other few of my favorites:

I've always liked nude dresses! I admit this would look good as a wedding dress or a bridesmaid's dress and as a prom dress. 

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This is for girls who like the drama! Beautiful deep purple and black lace screams (classy) drama and attention.

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This is for the sultry type of girls, the vixens! The dress would definitely highlight their curves. :)

You can find more strapless mermaid prom dresses on Their dresses are in the $80-130 range and they're always on sale! They even have prom dresses for as low as $58! A tip though: allow 17-26 days delivery since they will have to make the dress, especially when you're having it modified. And if you're still not sure, read their reviews from their happy customers! The dresses worn by the real women look lovely. :)


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