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Since graduation season is among us, for sure there are celebrations left and right. In fact, my school's having their Senior's Ball or a formal graduation party tonight. So of course with more time on my hands (with only exams left for me this sem!!), I decided to post some graduation dress ideas for  either graduation day or your own senior's bash.
I wrote about some really stylish long dresses (and even wedding gowns!) which I found on recently, and mentioned that they have everything! Well, they also have some of the best and most affordable cocktail dresses for 2014.
My favorite one is the first dress I posted above because for one, it's an LBD and can do no wrong! The asymmetric neckline is very in and the dress has draping in all the right places. You can accessorize it in different ways  to make it appropriate for the theme of your grad ball. :) Some other dresses I like:
For a dash of old Hollywood glamour, pick something like this
For romantic girly-girls a la Taylor Swift, a ball gown doesn't always have to mean a LONG ball gown. Pick something like this
Another LBD. Because they're the easiest go-to piece! :)
If you're a no-fuss girl who just wants to have fun, why not try a playful colored dress like this one? ships worldwide between 2-8 days. The dresses are ready to wear so you don't have to wait long. Online shopping is definitely the way to go if you've been around the mall and haven't found what you want to wear. has an extensive sizing chart, if you're worried about whether the dress would fit you or not. But, as a piece of advice, try to go for a size or two bigger if you aren't sure just in case. It's easier to have a dress altered to a smaller size than a bigger size! And oh, try not to cram your grad ball dress! Grad ball only happens once in your life and the time allowance allows you room to fix anything that needs to be fixed.
Hope this helps! :)

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