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Who would've thought that you could buy wedding dress and related apparel online? Well, definitely not me.
I always thought that wedding dresses and bridal party dresses were always to be made. (Well, if I were to get married, I would have my dresses made). But I realize, not every bride has that option thus enter It's amusing to see how everything can be found online now, including beautiful ready-to-wear wedding dresses.
Usually when you think of online shops, you think of ready-to-wear clothes but why not ready-to-wear and ready-made gowns? Or if you think ready-made gowns, you'd think they're really ugly but not at! They have beautiful gowns that could rival those designer gowns and at a fraction of the price! They also have everything you'd need for your bridal party--from wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses to mother of the bride dresses (!!!) and accessories as well. They also do not discriminate with size too because they also have plus size wedding dresses available.
The dress above would have to be one of my favorites from those in the site because it's simple yet elegant and best of all, it's at 70% off!

Some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses are:

perfect for a summer wedding!

The last two are perfect for fall or winter weddings. Click on the photos to be taken to the website.
That's not all. also has long gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, pageant dresses and a lot more! And although prom season is over in the Philippines, here are another few of my favorite prom dresses:

The ruched detail can hide a stomach! ;)

If you've noticed, for prom, I prefer simple solid colored gowns rather than the poufy colorful ball gowns. It looks simple yet elegant and the colors are perfect for evening wear but youthful at the same time (especially the green one). The best thing is, you can wear it elsewhere, like to a relative's wedding. I also chose strapless and asymmetric gowns because they emphasize your shoulders to open up your face.

By the way, did you notice that their long bridesmaid dresses can be worn as prom dresses and vice versa? There are so many choices! They even have a color and fabric chart for that discerning bride, plus a comprehensive and illustrated measuring guide as well as reviews by customers who have purchased their dresses! They really thought of everything!
So if you're on a budget, in a rush or looking for fashionable wedding dress ideas, try dropping by :)

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