This is gonna be the last of my outfit posts with long hair for a time as I recently had my hair chopped off. I don't know what made me do it; maybe I've been (secretly) longing for a change some time and thought summer was the best time to do it cause I wouldn't have to face people as much, or maybe because I've always wanted to have (and pull off) short hair. Either way, I know if I thoroughly thought it through, I know I wouldn't have done it. So after my last exam, I just took the plunge.

As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm one of the girls who's attached to her hair. I'm just really blessed that my hair needs minimal maintenance--I just shampoo it, have it cut when the ends feel dry and I don't even have to have it colored--but my friends say it still looks good. And you have to admit, great hair is a confidence booster. I skimmed through a book entitled "How to Look Expensive" and one of the tips on how to look expensive was about hair maintenance: make sure your hair looks luscious and lively. The author went so far as pointing out: have you seen Hollywood stars with dead, lifeless, uneven colored hair? Anyway, obviously, it was a book filled with advice on how to give yourself a make-over but yes, it's true: Hair (care) matters. And as a blogger who tries to put her best face (and outfit) forward, I haven't realized til now how much of a (supporting) role my hair plays in outfit shots.

Sometimes I hide behind my hair, hold it for that "coy" pose when I can't think of any and sometimes, I just rely on it PERIOD especially when I don't feel like dressing up because it makes me at least feel glamorous. So now that I've chopped my hair off, I feel like I've thrust myself out into the open without any armor; I don't have a fallback, I don't have a security blanket anymore. Whatever you see now from here on out is just me. I feel like I can't fake looking good in an outfit anymore: if I look bad, I look bad. My hair can't save me. It's a little daunting when I think of it that way and it's also a little challenging especially when I have to think of outfits but then again, it's also liberating because I'm not in this mold anymore. And since I can't rely on the hair, I'd have to rely on my other strengths now, like my brain, my eyes or my smile maybe? Wow, such deep psychoanalysis that stemmed out from a simple hair cut!!

Anyway, on to the fun part: the outfit! I saw this photo of Georgina Wilson on Instagram a few months ago and thought: 'what a simple yet chic outfit!" I had a similar top but needed to find the perfect playful skirt until I found this one from Debenhams from my sister's closet! Ta-daa! An easy, no-fuss stylish look which I wore to school and the Havaianas Obrigada event right after. And in true Georgina fashion, I finished off the look with a pair of sunnies. =)

skirt: Debenhams || flats: Payless || sunnies from Ariella || photos by Enya Bautista
Hope you liked it! :)
PS. Summer vacation had started for me last Thursday. It was a pretty good day and I started it off by getting some work done on overdue posts, going back to the gym and attending a send-off party for our seniors but I didn't know I was going home to the biggest surprise yet! My dad finally got us a DSLR camera so that means more frequent updates (if I can help it)!! Yaaay! :)

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