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A purist at heart, I've always believed that brides should walk the aisle in a white dress. However, you can't deny that times are changing and brides are more liberal nowadays. A lot of them go for colored wedding dresses. Jessica Biel went for a pink wedding dress and Avril Lavigne stayed true to her skater girl image and went for a black wedding dress to her second gothic-themed wedding. Sarah Jessica Parker also went against the norm and showed us why she's a fashion icon by going for a black wedding dress. You don't have to go that drastic by pulling off boldly colored wedding dresses though; pink or blush is usually a popular choice for most brides. Among other popular colors are ivory, daffodil, champagne or silver.

Dressv.com, being one of the leading online suppliers of wedding and special occasion dresses in the world, also offers colored wedding dresses in different cuts and styles to suit each body type. If you wanna be different, you can go for a colored dress but then again, if you're not so sure, you can choose a white dress with colored accents like the first dress pictured above which is the dress I love the most! It's very me. Simple but elegant :) The second dress is a strapless tulle ball gown with a lavender sash. I love it so much because it reminds me of my aunt's Vera Wang wedding gown. J'adore! :) Here are some other styles that caught my eye:

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 Not all brides want to wear long ball gowns. A lot of brides opt for something simple cause it's cheaper or because it depends on their personality or where their wedding is held. This would be perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding.

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This is also one of my favorite dresses from dressv.com. I love its simplicity. With so many strapless gowns featured, this is a breath of fresh air! And what's great about it are the straps--they have this slimming effect.

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 This is another column gown I like. It's a column gown but it's got some spunk via the slightly voluminous skirt and floral detail at the waist. I also love this cause it's simple and cause it's perfect for pear-shaped women like me! The A-line skirt hides our bottom's extra bulk :)

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I picked this dress cause if there's any chance I could marry a prince (as in literally!) I would be in something like this! Doesn't it give that princess-y feel?

check it here
I know I said I'm not a huge fan of bold-colored dresses but this dress just might make me change my mind! It's so elegant and definitely red-carpet worthy!
Check dressv.com out for more colored wedding dress ideas!
PS. I just noticed that they have this feature wherein they categorize each dress per season, style and occasion. So, if you aren't sure if the dress you like would go well with your wedding theme, you can check those categories out at the details section. Oh, and if you aren't sure of your measurements, color, etc.. they have online consultants who are willing to help you with that! Happy shopping and best wishes! xx

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