Someone Loves You When..


How do you know that someone loves you?
For a hopeless romantic like me, I used to think that the grand gestures would determine how much someone loves you. I mean, why would someone go through all the trouble if they didn't? And I mean, c'mon you're talking to a hopeless romantic--how can a grand gesture NOT be romantic? But as I've matured, I've come to realize that it's the littlest things that matter most. Just know that the important people in your life love you, but often times, not in the way you want them to. You just have to recognize their love language. 
1) Someone loves you when they tell their other friends about you that when you meet up, those friends feel like they already know you.
Just realized recently that it's something my friends and I do to each other so when we meet the other people in their lives, they know the most random anecdotes about us. Thinking about it makes me feel warm inside cause I feel like I play an important part in a friend's life that they would talk about me fondly to the other people in their lives.

2) Someone loves you when they know your idiosyncrasies.
Like they know your favorite food and can order it for you without you telling them. They know little things like these because they pay attention.

3) Someone loves you when they think about you when you're not around.

They will randomly text you, call you, Facebook wall post or message you or tweet you when they see or hear something that reminds them of you. And when they have some really big news they'd like to share, they immediately tell you.

4) Someone loves you when they wait for you.

Someone loves you when they wait for you just so you could eat together. Someone loves you when even though they're about to leave, they wait for you just so you could go home together. Patience is not everyone's strongest suit and time is everyone's most valuable commodity so if someone gives it up just to be with you, you know they love you.

5) Someone loves you when they take your outfit shots.

Or just plain support you in your interests, like my papa did for me this outfit post. :) My dad's not much of a photographer but one Sunday when I was bugging my siblings to take my outfit photos and no one was responding, he volunteered. I was a bit iffy posing for my dad (cause let's face it, it was kind of awkward) but it was heartwarming to see him make an effort to try to get into my interests. :)
denim top: Cotton On || striped skirt: department store || cardigan: from Cheyser || bag:
Here I am wearing some of what I think are summer staples: denim/chambray, stripes and pastel colors. I love how the denim went with the old rose cardigan but I had a hard time choosing what to wear for the  bottom. Good thing I saw the striped skirt in my sister's closet. It was white and short enough to be perfect for summer since I wanted my legs to breathe. Lastly, I topped it off with this black patent bag I got from It looks small but it's roomy and it reminds me so much of a Balenciaga. :) I also love that I can wear it two ways--as a shoulder bag or as a handbag, depending on the occasion. I also love that it's light but the best part is..the price. It only cost me roughly $10! How's that for a steal? :) has really affordable apparel and you'd go gaga over their selection. They're cheaper than most online retailers (I think a lot of the online shops source from them) so go check them out!
Enjoy your holiday! :)

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