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Hello to my first ever post with the short hair! I still have another one from my sisters' graduations but I bumped it off for this post because I loved how the photos turned out. There's nothing much to share, since I haven't done much summer-y things like go to the beach, party (or go to a beach party HAHA) or see my friends, but that doesn't mean I can't dress the part! ;) I was bored yesterday so I dragged my sister off her bed to take my photos. For someone reluctant (and for a photography noob), I thought she did a pretty good job of making me look skinny! Haha

So for this summer, I'm not required to take summer class nor am I gonna be on an internship so I am gonna be...bored. No, totally kidding. I anticipated this so I made a list of things I'm gonna keep myself busy with:

1) Going to the gym/boxing.

I am in dire need of a fitness buddy, I swear! I plan on doing circuit training and Crossfit and though I know I can do this alone, it just seems sad to do so. I went to the gym awhile ago and there were groups of guys and groups of girls doing their group exercises and I was like, meh. *throws punches at punching bag alone* #introvertproblems

2. Swimming

I plan on taking up swimming lessons and it sure would be nice to also have someone to take lessons with! I've been bugging my sisters but it seems as if they don't want to have to do anything fitness-related this summer. :( Let's take swimming lessons please? I heard it's only Php750 at Red Cross and my mom said the lifeguards are hunky. HAHAHA

3. Getting my student's permit and driving lessons

I might do this towards the end of summer with my sister though cause she's waiting for her friend. Her friend's driver will teach us (joiners ako). Anyone wanna teach me? I'll pay for the gas. HAHA

top: Mango || maxi dress (used as a skirt): Forever 21 || flip-flops: Havaianas Top Lake Blue (c/o Martish Marketing) || straw fedora: UP bazaar || photos by Felicia Garcia

I'm trying to find a job as well (do you know any??) but of course I'll be blogging, catching up on some reading, movies, series, going out with friends and everything in between! And I hope I get to travel! Even if it's somewhere near.
What about you? How are you spending summer? :)

PS. All my grades are in! I almost made it to the Dean's List (how was I to know that this was evaluated yearly?) but my 2nd sem grades got me. :( I'm still thankful and happy to FINALLY be legit 4th year standing though! I waited too long for this! :P I will graduate.. in time!

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