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A few days before school officially ended, I attended the Davao leg of the StyLIZed Book Tour at SM Lanang Premier. I'm not a super big fan of artistas (like there are a few I would sell my kidneys to have a photo taken with) but instead I turn into a fan girl for stylists, fashion industry people, athletes and models. Is that weird of me? Anyway, I went to this event not as a blogger but as a legit fan, out of my own volition. Who best to attend this event with than my style sisters, Lorraine and Mithi? :)

can you spot Lorraine and I? :)

Lorraine arrived early and saved us seats which was a good thing cause the place was packed!! I heard this was her third most attended book signing event. Proof was I saw her still signing books just as the mall was about to close. One of the funn(i)est parts of the day was that Lorraine and I unintentionally came in matching outfits--white tank and black blazer. =)) Our moment came when Liz Uy was talking about her book and scanning the crowd and then she said "O ayan sila naka-blazer", referring to one of her 10 style essentials.

I found Liz Uy very real and down-to-earth, also very beki (gay) which I('m) like! I honestly don't know why a lot of people give her flak about hanging out with the 'It Girls', for being the "least good looking" one amng them. I think they like her because she's really nice.

my minute with Liz Uy

Since this opportunity would rarely ever happen, I talked to her for awhile. I told her I liked her shoes (Sergio Rossi if I remember correctly) and asked her if she plans to have her own clothing line like Rachel Zoe one day. She said maybe not yet cause she's busy. I also wanted to actually hug her, like the guy before us, but I could sense she was tired and kind of in a hurry cause there were lots of people so I didn't ask.

selfie with the Lorax :)

selfie with Liz Uy :)

While Liz Uy's style essentials are no stranger to me (you know I always wear basics!!) I think it's a must-have for every budding fashionista. At 395php, I thought the book was worth it! I didn't really expect much from it but it was jampacked with outfit ideas, DIYs and even clothing care. I really do hope I get to be even half a big a stylist as Liz Uy, or if not Liz Uy of Davao man lang! :)

First 3 photos from SM Lanang Premier Facebook page

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