Orchid You Not


Since it's graduation season (meaning the new graduates will soon be joining the work force), I thought of giving outfit ideas for the young professional. This one is for the yuppie working at a creative firm, meaning no strict dress codes. You're free to express your creativity and personality through your outfit. Think advertising, publishing, styling, and possibly, PR. 

This outfit was "specially designed" to take you from day to night. A glittery skirt for day time? Why not? I paired it with my orchid top (said to be 2014's color of the year) to make it daytime-friendly. I thought the bright top complemented the sparkle by keeping it fun and youthful. I actually wore this outfit some time last year to school and to an AIESEC compendium--we were required to come in a business attire but I didn't want to be frumpy so I opted for this outfit. I wore this outfit to school then put on an oversized blazer when I went to my meeting. My friends teased me that I still looked party-ready though. Haha

And funnily enough, a few days later, news came out that orchid was going to be 2014's color of the year so I like to (jokingly) claim that I was (again) ahead of the times. Haha! And then a few weeks later, the Disney movie Frozen came out. When I remembered this outfit (which I hadn't shot yet but planned to!) I was reminded of Queen Elsa's black, turquoise and purple outfit before she was crowned queen. Oo, ako na talaga!

top: American Eagle || skirt: Cotton On || leopard clutch: Laidback Orange || shoes: Parisian || photos by Rien Bautista

So, today officially marked my last day of class for the sem!
Can't believe I only have 4 exams more next week then I'm good to go! :)

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