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One of the blogs I follow, A Beautiful Mess, shared some tips for new bloggers like myself. She said to develop features which are fun to write, something you could look forward to writing and what readers would look forward to reading. I chose to do Grateful Sunday to practice looking on the bright side. I am so blessed yet sometimes I fail to see that. I'm hoping that by reading this section, you would be able to reflect on your own life as well and see that there are a lot of things (even if they are small) to be grateful for.

 So, here it is: the first in (hopefully) many series of Grateful Sunday.

1. TV time with my brother

Tuesday night, my brother snuggled up to me as I was watching TV in my room. "Far, can I watch with you?"

My brother is sweet, always hugging and kissing me, but only when I ask him to. This time, I got touched cause he took time out from playing soldiers and spent it with me.

 I guess TV time is really special to me because my lolo and I used to bond by watching TV together.

2. Getting a cab when you least expect it
Ever know that feeling of hopelessness, and then suddenly a cab comes?
And a new one at that! :)

3. Nostalgia for UP

I watched State of the Nation on GMA wherein they featured the "Taga-UP Diliman ka kung..." group. It made me so wistful!!! I mean, I haven't graduated yet but I already feel the longing (prolly cause I miss UP already) and belonging. I am grateful for the UP experience. I can say iba talaga ang bonding--it transcends age. It's probably because no matter what year you entered, what course you took, you all went through the same thing.

4. Batch Unity

Just found out the other night that one of our more quiet batchmates in high school has a girlfriend already!

Everyone in our high school batch Facebook group literally rejoiced! I'm just happy that even though we've grown quite apart because of all the distance, being in different schools and having new friends, when it all boils down to it, we all still deeply care about each other. It's reassuring to know that we still share that bond we had from high school.

5. Another year in my sister's life.

My sister turned 19 last Friday.

She is a year younger than I am and in the family, it's always been us that's close. 

I'm happy that on the night before her birthday, I got her to be my model as I practiced doing eye make up. Normally, she wouldn't agree, but that night she did! HAHAHAHA

6. Finishing a crossword puzzle on my own for the first time!

Everyday, my dad brings home a newspaper. He, my mom and I try to get the entertainment section first. Why? Just so we could answer the crossword! The crossword's pretty easy, but I never get to finish it. I'm glad I finally got to! :)

7. Reading an article a friend wrote about me

My friend Choli wrote a feature article about me on our org's online folio. I didn't know about it til they posted about it on our Facebook group. I got so touched! I almost cried, but my sister was reading over my shoulder so I stopped myself. haha. I get touched when people surprise me or do something unexpected for me because I don't think I deserve it. Thank you Choli!

You can read the article here.

8. Receiving Jesus

I am thankful that I have the chance to rebuild my lost relationship with God. I'm thankful that despite all my shortcomings, He can forgive me easily. I am grateful to God because I realized how great His capacity is to love us--that He is always there, waiting. All we have to do is heed the call.

9. Spending Kadayawan with my friends

Last Friday, Mithi, Julienne and I met up to go to the Kadayawan Trade Fair and Bazaar (read about it here). Right after, we talked at Kasagingan Coffee Shop, right across Davao Convention Center. I missed these women! I'm so glad I went to meet them! <3

10. Spending a quiet Saturday alone

My mom, brother, dad, and 2 sisters are out so my sister Felicia and I are the only ones home. I missed having quiet Saturdays. In Manila, when I didn't have exams and didn't feel like going to my aunt's place, I'd stay in the dorm alone. I'd order food in and rest, or take a walk around. There are just some days you don't want to have contact with the world, some days you want to stay in. I'm grateful for those.

So, what are you grateful for?
Have a blessed Sunday y'all! :)

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