What I'm Loving Right Now: Missoni for Target


I blogged about Lagerfeld for Macy's a few days ago and mentioned about Missoni for Target. The collection has been available in Target stores already. In fact, selling out immediately that the Target site was reported to have crashed! Everyone wanted to get their hands on some Missoni print! I've seen some pieces around the blogosphere already. Bloggers showing off their finds, may it be a belt or what. I've read about some horror hoarding stories as well, one woman had 6 carts full of Missoni stuff at the check-out counter!

Anyway, right now, I am inspired by prints like these--tribal, ethnic-y, loud, colorful.

a Missoni bikini is a must-have!

By the way, they have EVERYTHING, not just clothes. They have pillow cases, picture frames (!), home decor, prints, container boxes, laptop bags, and a bike! A freaking bike! I kid you not! Here it is.

401465 Missoni Look Book

It's just pure madness!

 photo credits: fashionista.com

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  1. Great picks! I unfortunately never got anything from this line, but I suppose that my wallet is ok with that. :) Glad you found me via Etsy!



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