Wishlist Wednesday


Introducing a new feature on my blog:

I won't be posting every week cause I can only wish for so much things. I (used to be) really materialistic, always wanting something, but now, I can say I've grown to be a wee bit patient. I still have moods though wherein I crave for a particular thing, but I stop myself. It's healthy to be said no to sometimes.

1. A new camera
Canon G12
Lumix L3

I asked the opinion of my friend who knows the latest in cameras. She suggested a Canon G12 or a Lumix L3. I'm no techno-poser, I don't know what the specs of these cameras mean aside from the megapixel count! I'd be okay with ANY camera that beats my old Sony 5MP one. Patricia Prieto uses a Canon G12.

2. Make-up brushes!

I want brushes from Sigma (pictured above) or Suesh (pictured below).

3. YSL Arty Ring

or maybe a copy of this ring. It's $250!

4. Tyler Lockwood

Move over Damon! (no, not really)
Have you guys seen the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries (actually the first episode in the third season)?
Tyler and Caroline were hot, hot, hot! It sort of made me wish I could have my own big bad werewolf! :)

5. Satchels

Satchels. September 2011. image 5
Satchels. September 2011. image 3

I want a new bag! Here are really cute satchel bags from SOUL Lifestyle I like. My mom and I passed by SOUL yesterday and I just immediately gravitated towards the bags!


  1. I still want one of those YSL rings! lol


    P.S. Thx for entering my giveaway :)



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