Grateful Sunday 3


1. Winning a blog giveaway!

Lest the number of gadgets on my sidebar deceive you, yes, I like joining blog giveaways. I dunno how that addiction started, perhaps it's the thrill that you can win something by simply liking a Facebook page or tweeting. Well anyway, it always seems impossible to win these things so I never expect. Imagine my shock when I got an email from Tatie Aquino that I, along with two others, won her blog giveaway!

I already blogged about it on my Tumblr blog.
Read about the win here.

2. Free contact lenses

I like freebies (who doesn't?) so I was very much happy to find out that White House Dental Optical Clinic was giving away a pair for free. All I had to do was simply like their Facebook page and then they e-mailed me a coupon to claim the lenses. I was able to claim mine last Wednesday at their SM Fairview branch.

The funniest, most ironic thing happened though. I was trying to take them off before I went to bed, and it was a struggle! The last time I wore contacts was 4 years ago. I was scared cause my nails were long and I was afraid to poke my eye. I tried to "loosen" the contacts by washing my face. I thought I had succeeded cause my vision suddenly went blurry.. but where were the contacts? I thought I had flushed them down the sink!

I was telling my cousin what happened when suddenly, my vision became clear again! They didn't fall down the sink afterall! I was trying to take them off again the legit way (pinch 'em off your eye). It took me another 20 minutes. I was able to get the one on my right eye off, but it RIPPED! I managed to get the left one out in one piece though. I just found it funny cause I had to go through a lot of trouble to borrow a contacts case and then ask for contact lens solution but then I wouldn't be needing them afterall. Oh well, I still have one. I can always buy another.

I can buy just 1 contact right?

3. A new skirt!

I've always wanted to buy a new skirt! I'm always in jeans.While I was at SM to pick up my contacts, I passed by a stall, and they were on sale. Not just on sale, but super sale! Their stuff were priced at Php 200! I couldn't believe it! I browsed through the racks and actually found something in my size! If you are plus-sized, you'd definitely feel triumph and joy when something fits you! It's tiring, not to mention humiliating, to keep trying clothes and nothing fits!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
from their multiply page

I bought a aquamarine-ish skirt from SUSTO Manila. I was lucky I found that skirt cause just a few hours before, my friend Cindel and I were talking about what we would be wearing to the UP JMA ADHOC party on Saturday. They also had a really nice red Zara-esque coat which went well with the skirt. I almost felt like a fashion blogger already! haha. Sadly, I didn't bring enough money :(

You guys should check out SUSTO Manila. They have really nice stuff!
Susto is also available in SM North Edsa Annex, Greenhills Theatre Mall, Ayala Center Makati, Shoppesville in Greenhills.

I love being happy about the littlest things--fresh bed sheets, rainy days indoors, finding coins in my purse, etc--so I was happy when I discovered this twitter account. I tweet my thoughts with hash tags like #littlethings, #happythings or #simplejoys. Ever since I discovered this account, I don't have to tweet anymore! I simply retweet. And retweeting is one little thing that brings me happiness. I just feel weird reading  my timeline and all I see is my twitter display pic. I like to change things up a bit and retweet things other people post that I could relate to.

5. Dinner with my Bucky B*tches

I had dinner with my Buckies last Friday at Pizza Hut in TechnoHub. I'm super thankful that most of us were able to come! (8 out of 11. That almost NEVER happens!)
I already blogged about it.
You can read about it here. :)

6. JoJo's new single!

I've been a huge fan of Joanna "JoJo" Levesque ever since she started. Yes, even if she lay low for a while, I was still following her, keeping track of her what was she doing and if she made any new music. So I was happy when she announced about her new single on her Twitter account. It's called "Disaster" and it will be on her new album "Jumping Trains".
The single will be available for download on iTunes on Sept 6.

7. New colored pens!
Finally indulged in my artistic tendencies and bought new ones last Wednesday!

8. New friends!

I went to the UP JMA ADHOC party last night with my roommates and met Mich, their roommate and my supposed to be roommate too. We hit it off pretty good. At the end of the night, I kinda forgot that we had just met a few hours before. I also saw my woman, Heidi, after a LOOOOONG time. Too bad we weren't able to hang out a long time.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I got home from ADHOC, I found my aunt taking out a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Score! I bought a huge chocolate chip cookie on Friday from Banapple, but it wasn't that good. It was all crumbly. I like them either soft and chewy or thin and crunchy!

10. Being alive.

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  1. We have the same colored pens! And yeah, it sucked that I didn't get to hang out with you longer. :(



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