Beauty Review: Natasha Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier


At the end of the Natasha Beauty Soiree, we were given some beauty products to review (you may have already read about my review of the Natasha Trio Eyeshadow in Sultry Smoke). This is probably my favorite of all the products given.

This is the Natasha Skin Perfect Tinted Mattifier. According to the Natasha website, it is a foundation and make-up base that helps absorbs oil, minimize fine lines and mattifies while leaving the skin smooth and silky in one easy step!

It only comes in one shade--beige. However, it blends with ALL skin tones.

I tried it on my hand to show how it blends. Then I tried it on my face as well. As you can see, my eye bags seemed less prominent, and my face looked smoother. It may be the quality of the second photo also but yes, I assure you that: 1) My skin really did feel less oily, 2) It really felt smoother and 3) It also sort of evened-out my skin.

I really love this product cause for one, it really works. Second, it really is for on-the-go people (eg. students like me, people too lazy to put on make-up at times like me) as it combines your powder (which absorbs oil) and foundation (which gives you coverage). This is really good news for me because my daily routine consists of applying moisturizer (Biore, which also controls oil and leaves my skin with an airbrushed feel) and putting on powder/foundation (to absorb oil and give coverage). However, sometimes I really run out of time, so sometimes I just do either instead of both. The Natasha Skin Perfect Mattifier is all-in-one.

This product has good timing too, in light of the BB cream craze. But I prefer this more since it is hypoallergenic and is especially made for the Filipina skin. At Php650, I think it is quite expensive for my taste but definitely worth it.

Rating: 5/5

By the way, I will be having a make-up giveaway on Monday, September 26th, in celebration of my first bloggaversary! Hope you guys join!


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