What Made Me Happy Today


This is 10B, also known as my buckies. They were my co-applicants in KEM. Our batch is kind of special cause there are only so few of us, as compared to the others. We rarely get to go out as a batch (even if we're only 11) cause of school and other stuff. Well, soon, we (or they) won't be complete cause I'll be going back to Davao.

Today, most of us were able to have dinner together. Even Angelica, who isn't always available cause she lives faraway, was able to come! (Thanks Angel! :) )
 What made it more special was that even if I asked on such short notice, they came! :')

Aww, I love you guys!

talagang nagdedicate ako ng isang blog post for this ah!


  1. Hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a cute giveaway. blessings.

  2. You're from Davao rin pala? :) you study in Davao? so out of topic. hehe.

  3. Hey Tessa, yup I'm from Davao but I studied in UP Diliman. I'll be transferring to Ateneo de Davao next sem though hence the sort-of farewell dinner :)



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