Dry Lips


My mother has always taught me to be wary of dry lips. No matter how pretty a girl is, if you see her with dry lips, it's an instant turn-off!

Dry lips are caused by a lack of moisture, caused by the sun, wind or excessive licking. Yes, if you think that licking your lips keep them wet (causing them not to be dry), it actually has the opposite effect. Eventually, dry lips can lead to chapped lips. Chapped lips are dry, red and painful. Sometimes, they bleed and can cause discomfort.

Some tips on how to prevent dry lips:

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

You can use a sugar scrub. You can also scrape dry lips off using a soft toothbrush. This is especially important when wearing RED lipstick.

2. Use Chapstick to prevent dry lips

Lip balms like chapstick lubricate and do not hydrate. (Source: Wikihow)
They are used to heal, soothe or prevent chapped lips but they do not introduce moisture.
All it does is seal the moisture in.
Look for products with Vitamin E and shea butter which seal moisture in.

3. Drink LOTS  of water!

Dry lips are caused by dehydration and can manifest itself due to lack of water intake. 
So, drink up! :-)

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