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Sometimes I think this is more of a food blog than a fashion blog, don't you think? Ever since I've taken to blogging about some tidbits of my personal life, I noticed I've been posting about food a lot. Well, what can I do? That's our family's way of bonding--trying out new restaurants every week.

Yesterday, after trick or treating at Insular Village, we ate dinner at Hola Espana in Damosa Gateway. Actually, we were supposed to eat in Pizzeria Michelangelo which is al fresco, but since the restaurant and pizzeria were adjacent, we chose to sit inside the restaurant.

They had beautiful red interiors, which is said to be an appetite stimulant. I also loved the cases where you could see the different kinds of cheeses and sausages.

I got enamored by the wine shelves.

mom's minestrone soup

dad's cream dory

love the fact that the lady isn't represented skinny! :-)

My siblings and i ordered lasagna cause we were all so tired. We were supposed to order pizza, but decided at the last minute that we'd go for lasagna. Yep, we weren't feeling too adventurous that day. Their lasagna was good, you could definitely taste the sourness of the sauce which was made with real tomatoes. Their foccacia was delicious, especially while it was hot.

Overall, a good place to dine. Food was good, but so-so for the price. Service is great, the waiters were very attentive to our needs. The place is pricey though, especially to be dining with family but I liked that it was quiet and away from the noise of the city. (Heck, I heard Derek Ramsey even dined there when he was in town!)

Hola EspaƱa – bodega de vinos y deli is located in Damosa Gateway, Bajada, Davao City.
Phone number: (082) 234-6877

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