Looking forward to the Weekend (Weekend)


Sorry for the lack of updates. Again, we haven't had internet connection for the past week. It sucks cause we just had it fixed. Good thing we have a broadband stick! Whew!

Anyway, can't believe the week went by so fast! It'll be another weekend tomorrow (Yep, I always consider Friday the start of my weekend, cause my family and I go out for dinner). Here are some pictures of what happened LAST weekend.

love this photo of my brother and dad. So emo

We had dinner in Cafe Laguna in Abreeza. They serve Filipino food. What I love about them is that they have such an extensive menu for desserts! :)

blue 3/4 sleeved top from Forever 21

Calamares is our staple appetizer

 Don't you love the feel of the place? It reminds me of a lanai, where you can invite your friends over for a long chat over merienda.

pandan chicken. One of the better ones I've tasted. The chicken was tender and perfectly cooked.

Saturday, we had dinner at my aunt's pizza joint, La Bianca Pizza, over at Robinson's Gateway. My dad was craving for their malasuge fish. It really is good, so flavorful and soft! My aunt said they even have a loyal customer who stops by for that at least 3 times a week! But my sisters and brother like to go there for the milkshakes. We each order one. I know, I know. I feel a little too old to be drinking milkshakes too, but it's just so good!

To our surprise, we found my cousins and their family eating there as well!

Later on, my other aunt walked in. She had just come from grocery shopping at Robinson's and decided to stop by. Then, my mom invited my 2 other aunts to come as well. It was kind of ironic, really. May aunt who owns the place was the only sister missing (my mom has 5 sisters). :(

The moms kept chatting and my cousins and I were getting bored, so we decided to take photos. This is a collage I made for our cousin ate Carms, who just passed the CPA Board Exams. Congrats ate Carms! :-)

Feebee and Irah

Before we left, I asked my cousin to take a photo of Feebee and I. I freaked out! We look so much alike here!

Cheers to hopefully another happy weekend!

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