Red Velvet


I play this game on Facebook, Baking Life, but last week, our internet was down for about 5 days. I was a bit pissed (talk about being addicted to the game!) cause my baked goods would burn! Anyway, I was happy that I got to experience the real thing when my friend Julienne invited me to come with her and her sister ate Arielle to bake cupcakes in Jane's house.

It was nice cause Jane did not know I was coming. SURPRISE!!! Our recipe was for red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum, yum!

didn't have any cocoa, so we crushed tablea

Julienne enjoying the cupcakes.
Oh yeah, I promised my friends a picture of my brother enjoying our cupcakes.

Meanwhile, continue liking our shop's Facebook page. Watch out for the giveaway when we hit 250! :-)

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