Banana Beach Photo Diary


From L-R
on Feebee: blue cropped top- Oxygen
on Felicia: blue top- Bayo
on me: gray dress- Topshop, scarf used as vest- SOUL Lifestyle

We went to Banana Beach last Sunday for my cousin Iago's 5th birthday. We had always planned to go to Banana Beach but it never pushed through til recently. I really loved the place! The party/lunch was held at Lanikai, a two-storey house which was so homey, it felt like you were at an old house's lanai (receiving area).

Afterwards, we took a tour of the plantation. The younger kids got on the e-walk, or elevated walk which led to the "jungle" part. We rode the van to check out The Spot, which features the beach as well as the infinity pool.

1-7 Lanikai
8 View of the beach outside Lanikai
9 Inside Lanikai
10 Feebee enjoying the welcome drink, near the pool
11 Chubby didn't miss a beat! He went swimming right away!
12 Feebee going on the e-walk
13-14 The "jungle" part
15-16 View on the way to The Spot, perfect for a wedding!
17-20 The Spot
21 Back at Lanikai for merienda. Iago's birthday theme was Ben10
22-23 By the pool at Lanikai
24-25 By the beach at Lanikai

Banana Beach is the only beach in the world located inside a banana plantation. It's about an hour's drive away from Davao.
Visit them at Brgy. Madaum, Tagum City
Contact Number: (+6384) 400-3358
Like their Facebook page here


  1. Nice photos. Seems like a very lovely place too.

  2. great photos! :)

    btw, please join my blog giveaway :)

  3. On my way to Mati City, while riding a van, two women were talking about Banana Beach and I had a negative impression about it. I haven't been to this place but I know where it is. Judging from your photos, I think this resort is worth a visit. =)

  4. @swexie: aww your comment made my day! :D thank you for visiting my blog :)



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