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As I've said from my post on The Peak, I'll be writing more about Don Beppe in another post it is! :)

My mom's friend told her that Don Beppe has the best pizza and pasta that she has tasted ever, so my mom put it on our must-try places. A few nights ago, when they picked my sister up from Tae kwon do at the Bonifacio area (Don Beppe's old location), they found out Don Beppe has moved to The Peak at G-Mall. 

I love the whole feel of the place. They have very good lighting, like in Cafe Laguna.

Photo of the table behind me. I was taking photos like crazy. People were looking at me. Haha. Anyway, on to the food! My mom ordered Eggplant Parmigiana. They gobbled it up so fast that I wasn't able to take a photo of the food when it was freshly served.

Timmy's mushroom soup

We ordered two. One had prosciutto, and this one, with beef, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. My siblings ate all the prosciutto though so all that was left for me was..cheese pizza! haha.

THE BEST I've tasted.

Pasta in white sauce is tricky to make because the milk doesn't have a lot of flavor and you just have to capture the right one. I love this cause the sauce is thick (just the way I like it) yet flavorful. Sometimes you eat out and the sauce is flavorful but too wet, or thick yet bland. This captures both. Love.

My 9 y/o brother's favorite.

He told Don Beppe shyly "This is the best lasagna I've tasted". :'>

My penne with cherry tomatoes and basil.

When I ordered this, Don Beppe went "Good choice!" :-)
And it was! It was delicious! I could taste the basil and tomato flavors mixed together. (I've always tried to capture that basil-tomato taste every time I cook sauce, but it always ends up tasting like tomato still)

My dad's chicken.

I know it looks bland, but it was oozing in flavor!
Sometimes, chicken bathed in herbs can be deceiving. Sure, they are bathed in herbs, look juicy on the outside, are golden brown but they are either bland or dry inside. This one was everything you could want. Juicy, tender, flavorful.

My sisters and I kept asking for bites.
Poor dad :))

We had a lovely time at Don Beppe's. We truly enjoyed. He was so accommodating, and such a gracious host. I think he also liked us cause he gave my mom and dad complimentary drinks ;)

Too cute a picture not to post :)

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Visit them at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao

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