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Plethora (n) - overabundance

That is what Christine Banayat of Plethora Shop had in mind when she chose to name her shop that. Besides, it's memorable, don't you agree? Say it. Plethora. Plethora. Plethora.

Plethora Shop was started in 2008 because nursing jobs were hard to come by and Christine wanted to be financially independent from her parents. She decided to relive her love for fashion and started her small business. Like any other business starting out, the first few months were hard because there was a lot of competition. Christine had to learn how to present her products well. Plus, sometimes there would be problems with other circumstances, like with the courier. But, at the end of the day, she learned how to deal with all of these for the love of the business.

She says having an online shop is one of the best things that happened to her. Aside from the other reasons mentioned above, she loves having her online shop since she gets to do the things she loves--fashion and photography. 

Plethora Shop sells vintage pieces. They cater to budget-savvy, confident girls that are tough on the inside. They have dainty chiffon and lace pieces which can be paired with animal prints and leather. Her regular clients usually request vintage dresses, sheer tops and cardigans--those are her best sellers. However, Christine has her share of "treasures"--her most favorite pieces! They even have their own place on her blog! (See them here)

Lastly, to new shop owners, Christine shares her favorite Steve Jobs quote:
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

"Never settle for anything, always improve yourself and your store, if you're not selling retake photos of your products, reinvent your site, add as many contacts as you can! Learn from your mistakes, Learn form others mistakes. Do some research, just never give up, If you're passionate about something just continue and never worry or be scared :)"

Thank you Christine! I was truly inspired! :)

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