BenMore Scotch Whisky VIP Dinner


Some pictures from the event I attended last Saturday. Sorry haven't been able to blog much. I was busy working on my giveaway, which I'm VERY excited for you guys to know about! :)

So, me and a few other Davao Bloggers attended the VIP Dinner for Benmore Scotch and Whisky at Alor's  Home Kitchen in F. Torres Street with Benmore's endorser, the hunky Borgy Manotoc. Georgina Wilson was also scheduled to come but couldn't cause she had another event to attend to in Cebu. (sad face) I'm obviously a Georgie, aren't I? (Georgina Wilson's fans call themselves that--Georgies. hahaha)

There was a little press-con and open forum where people could ask questions. They discussed the drink, the market and corrected some misconceptions about scotch. We always tend to think that scotch is only reserved for daddies and businessmen as seen on telenovelas, but it's not the case. It can be for everyone. They said it was a good drink despite the alcohol content (40%) cause it doesn't cause a hangover.

Case in point: Borgy was alive and kicking that night, despite partying til 3 am the night before in CDO.

We were offered scotch but I don't drink scotch straight, so I opted for the iced tea. Later on, I was shocked to find out that the iced tea contained BenMore (haha. duh Farrah duh) because I couldn't taste it at all! There are different ways to drink Benmore:

  • with water (This is beyond me. How would it taste?)
  • with iced tea (like I tried)
  • with tonic
  • with cola
  • the usual way: straight up or on the rocks

Photos above are from the mini-presscon. Borgy was quite the charmer.

quintessential Borgy-with-me photo

photos by me and Renz Bulseco

A photo of Davao Bloggers who attended the event. ate Ria told us to dress up and we did! So sad you missed it ate :(

The after-party/bar tour followed at Starr.

BenMore is manufactured by DIAGEO, same brand that owns Johnnie Walker, J&B and Smirnoff vodka. It has a suggested retail price of PHP 350-395 for a 700mL bottle and is available in most groceries nationwide.


  1. glad to have met you there in person, Farrah..see you in the next event. :) did you go to Starr after?

  2. Hi kathy! It was nice to meet you too :) Yep, we went to Starr right after :)

  3. I tried scotch whisky watered down once because I was having a hard time having it straight up (the way my dad and guy friends would have it) and I still had to force it down my throat. Haha!

    Cool event! :)



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