So Grateful


I started this blog as an outlet to voice out what I feel, as well as share to an audience what I feel and how I feel about certain things. I'm really quiet in person but pretty noisy on paper or on the internet because I feel like no one listens to me live. So, blogging has been a pretty great medium for expression--it really fit me like a glove.

Aside from that, it allowed me to get to know myself better, help better myself, help me appreciate the things going on in my life at the moment. It also served as something to do and focus on during the idle time I had resting, while everyone was at school. I never really expected to be able to inspire someone.

My friend Heidi recently wrote a blog entry on how she is now embracing her curves after years of insecurity. I'm really proud of her, as I know of her struggles with the weight issues that have hounded us for years. She cited me and The Plump Pinay for 'proudly embracing her (our) curves'

Just wanted you to know that I'm really touched that I was able to inspire you in a way or two, woman. Thank you for "featuring" me in an entry. Cheers to being fab and confident in our own bodies! :)

Well now, that makes one more happy woman in the world.

Sometimes, it really is tempting to want to change who we are even though we were born this way. But, it really is easier and more fulfilling to just accept who we are. If we can't learn to love ourselves, who will? :)


  1. You're welcome, love. :)
    And to the rest who are going through the same thing, if other people have loved and accepted you for what and who you are, it's about time you did. :)

  2. Thats so great! I'm glad you+your friend are now super confident with your figures. Society is so disgusting when it implants all this fake crap into our minds.

    Great blog, I really love it!

    xoxo Eva @

  3. @Heidi: I just realized that now that we learned to love ourselves, good things are coming. Positive energy :)

    @Eva: You are too sweet Eva! I checked out your blog. You're so pretty! And I love what you wore in your Halloween post, especially the boots :) Wish I could pull those off!

  4. Positive attitudes attract awesomeness. :)
    As long as we're happy with ourselves, good things will come to us.



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