You've Got Mail!


Just got home from Saturday class and found 3 packages waiting for me!

I love packages! It's starting to feel like Christmas already :)

First one came from Anina of WearMauve. She sent a beautiful brown necklace, a ring and a cuff that instantly brought me to the Roman era.

Anina has the neatest handwriting and she sent something for me as well! She sent me this brown wraparound bracelet. I really didnt expect anything! Thank you Anina! :)


Second package came from Anagon! I wrote a feature on her recently (Read it here).

The wire key chains I was telling you all about in the said entry. Perfect for Christmas, right? I wish you guys both! :) Thank you again Ana!

Another package came from Christine Angela's Shop. She has the cutest packaging ever! 

She sent me a bowtie! Wear it as a head accessory or as a neck piece!

Thank you Christine! :)

I got this package last week but I'm showing it to you now. It's from Plethora Shop! She sent me 3 tops :)

Thank you Christine! :)

However, all of these are not for me (well, except the bracelet Anina sent). They're for YOU.
I'll be having my Christmas giveaway soon!
You better start liking those Facebook pages I linked, cause they're surely gonna be part of the giveaway mechanics I have in mind. :)

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  1. What lovely items! :) I love those shops (even if I've never actually bought from any yet, I do find myself lurking around their shops window shopping, hihi.)

    I'm looking forward to your giveaway! Hihi. :)

    x Carla



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