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I just posted the winners of the accessory giveaway. I was supposed to mail the prizes today but the courier ran out of pouches! FAIL. :(

So anyway, here's a little background on one of the shops who sponsored my giveaway: PIROUETTE.

Pirouette is owned by Michelle Achacoso. She named her shop Pirouette after the ballet term meaning to spin or to twirl. She says "My favorite thing to create have always been tutus. One day (after weeks of still not having come up with a name), a friend of mine wore one of my creations and started twirling around with glee! Thats when I thought that PIROUETTE was the perfect name for my shop. It gives off a feeling of whimsy and playfulness, which embodies the pieces that I hand-pick, create and sell."

Pirouette's been doing good, they even got featured in Meg magazine's December 2011 issue! Awesome! :-)

Anyway, see the rest of my interview with Acha here:

1. When and why did you start your shop?

2009 was strangely a year where I travelled alot. During one of my trips with friends, I was given the idea that maybe I should buy some clothes to sell since it was almost Christmas time (months before christmas = bazaar season). I did that, sewed some original pieces, and joined a bazaar in our village and the Rockwell tent (among others). After that, other opportunities to join bazaars opened up. Eventually, I found a capable seamstress and started creating more original designs.

4. How was it like the few months you started your shop?

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to have a bunch of good bazaars lined up. But of course, I experienced the lows of selling too. I learned a lot, met so many interesting people; and till this day I don't regret a single thing.

5. Describe your shop. Describe to who your shop caters to.

PIROUETTE fashion is for the young and the young at heart. It is for those who are not afraid to march to the beat of their own drum. PIROUETTE pieces are often whimsical with a touch of edge and playfulness. Classic pieces are also available so there is definitely always something for everyone!

6. What is your best seller? What item do people often request for?

When I started out, my best seller really was all the tutus. Lately, a lot of people have been looking for just a really comfortable yet trendy go-to top that can transition from day to night.

7. What is your favorite item among all the items you sell?

Right now, I'm loving all my maxis- be it a skirt or dress. It instantly makes me feel dressed up. Also, anything I make is instantly my favorite. Haha. But its just because I'm like a proud mama that way. 

8. What do you love about having an online shop?

I love the fact that I can interact with my clients and see which items they love. My online store has been a creative outlet for me through my layout, shoots and posts. 

9. Any advice for new shop owners?

Just keep doing what you love, and always find ways to inspire yourself. Talk to your customers, research, learn. Don't be discouraged during tough times; just put extra effort when things don't go exactly as planned. Good luck, and i'm really proud and happy for all of you guys! 

Well, here are some of my favorite photos and pieces from Pirouette.
I took them from the Facebook page.

The pink top and the shoot's concept is love! <3

Oh how I love the skirt's frothiness! <3

Thank you again Acha for sponsoring my giveaway! :-)
If you haven't liked Pirouette, you can find them on Facebook and Multiply

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