Golden Globes 2012


This is my first time in about 3 years to miss the Golden Globes. The past few years, I was at my aunt's place cause we didn't have class during Mondays. Good thing there's the internet to rely on for outfit photos!

Here are my picks for best dressed:

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

I love her!
Aside from her funny personality, I love how she always takes fashion risks. She's not scared to be on the worst dressed list. I love this brown/burgundy/maroon (I dont know my colors anymore!) dress on her by Lanvin. It looks good on her plus the flow of the fabric on her body is love. (Or am I just really biased with flowy fabric?)

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron.

Everyone was expecting Charlize to be in this year's best dressed and she did not disappoint. I love that Cartier headband and her Dior couture dress is what fairy tales are made of. She looks like a princess!

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet on the red carpet is always classy. I love how she channels timeless old Hollywood glamour in this Jenny Packham dress.

Zooey Deschanel's pretty embroidered pearl Prada frock is quirky like her.

Zooey Deschanel

This Prada gown caught my attention!
A very unusual choice for one quirky girl, so it suits her.
(Fashion advice to pick up here: If you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, your true and amazing self will shine through!)

Jessica Chastain in a Givenchy tulle gown that is embroidered with pearls.

Jessica Chastain

I love anything girly so no surprise that this tulle Givenchy gown embroidered in pearls caught my attention, right?

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

George Clooney's lady love shone in red. Her gown is simple yet elegant and her real beauty shines through. And she doesn't need any more accessories. Her man is the hottest accessory any woman can have! Haha!
By the way, I cannot believe she used to be a wrestler!

Evan Rachel Wood's midnight green Gucci gown, embroidered with fish scale sequins and ostrich feathers, is enchanting.

Evan Rachel Wood

Her green Gucci gown with ostrich feathers and fish scales highlight her luminous complexion. It looks like an overwhelming gown to wear but I love how it looks on her.

Laura Dern

Laura Dern

I love this green Andrew Gn gown on her! It reminds me of Angelina Jolie's winning emerald gown in the Oscars last year! This gown is very much age-appropriate. She looks hot in this gown. Gah to women who age so gracefully!

(Photos from Yahoo News and

So, there.
My ultimate faves were Emma Stone and Zooey Deschanel though.
Who were yours? :)


  1. Zooey Deschanel looks so cute in her dress! :)

  2. may the best dressed actress win ^_^

  3. @April: me too!

    @Heidi: i know you love her! haha. The green highlights the fair skin, like in Evan Rachel Wood's look :)

    @Faust: Meryl Streep won Best actress for Iron Lady, but Laura Dern and Kate Winslet also won

  4. @Renz: I wish there was a like button for the comments haha. I cant seem to reply to your comments directly :( pero bitaw, her look says it all. so mischievous!

  5. i don't have any idea about fashion but i like emma stone's dress.. simple yet very fashionable.. ^_<

  6. @STAR: i didnt like her dress this year! it was too severe! Loved her in that sparkling emerald green dress she wore to the globes last year though



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